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... and thanks for visiting the pages for OLPC related matters in Uganda. OLPC is the One Laptop Per Child Universal Primary Education project and largest educational project undertaken by Humanity ever. Supported by United Nations, OLPC is an "Open Commmunity" project, similar to the Wikipedia and Open Source Community projects, like Linux, OpenOffice, etc. and it is working along Agenda 21 and Millennium Development Goal nr.2: Bringing Universal Primary Education. To edit text on this page or add pages, log in and and "edit page / save page" button will appear.

The aim of this educational project, is on one hand to bring Universal Primary Education by 2015 as - anno year 2000 initiated - United Nations Millennium Development Goal nr.2. On the other hand, OLPC's mission is to manage the open hard and software project, to bring forward the best possible laptop combination for education: the XO-XServer combination. For this and above approach, - and also a lot of lobbying by the right persons on the right places and time - the United Nations is a Partner in this Open Community project! It is the largest educational project undertaken by Humanity ever, and deemed by many as one of the most inspiring projects out there. 2008, saw the first countries with a 100% roll out to all of their kids aged 5 till 15: Peru, Uruguay. Several Island States have a 100% deployment too; Rwanda and Australia are following at fast pace too. Every XO can load over 100 ebooks on its memory and has a choice of over 86.000 eBooks available, as well as many (educational) games, all éducation disciplines covered, etc. etc.. things are moving fast indeed.

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Many inhabitants look for their fortune elsewhere. Therefore there is a very very large diaspora. We hope that this diaspora will work their way to these pages, set-up, link-up their projects with OLPC, coordinate projects and that they can inspire many in their host countries to come along. It is so difficult in these host countries to develop additional value and hence make money. In many regions in the home country however it is so easy as everything is to be developed.

Also the societies from the host countries will benefit from the Uganda diaspora who has one leg in the host country and another still in their countries of origin. Maybe it will start by developing leadership for OLPC, but soon it will be accompanied by exporting technologies, know-how and experience from the host countries along Agenda 21, the MDG's and together you will be able to accelerate bringing the level of quality of life in Uganda to a level that will inspire others, existing generations and generations to come.

Please feel free to create links, (sub-)categories or list or start collaborating, teaming up and expanding our and your projects, existing and new ones in one of these (sub-)categories.

Uganda is one of the 18 partner countries of Belgian governmental cooperation were selected on the basis of their degree of poverty, aspects of good governance and Belgium’s potential for providing meaningful support. The precise criteria for selecting countries are set out in the law on international cooperation, which limits the maximum number of recipients to 18 partner countries. More: http://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/policy/development_cooperation/countries/partner_countries/

Uganda is a Least Developed Country as per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Least_developed_country

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Who's Who OLPC-Uganda

  1. Kayiwafred is starting OLPC Uganda.
    1. from an chat with Sven AERTS, Kayiwafred said "I'm dissapointed in OLPC ... in 2008, SOME one came to uganda we spend a week writing a proposal and flling his questionaires about getting OLPC he ended up taking the project to Rwanda. i dont have the documents any more. "
  2. SvenAERTS
  3. sent an email to link up to info at givedirectly.org --SvenAERTS 15:27, 2 January 2014 (UTC)

Intro to Uganda

In Uganda there are many tribes and languages but the most spoken local language is Luganda. However, each region has got its local language but the official language country wide is English and this makes it easy for the primary kid in school to learn the OLPC

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I agree but for initial roll out or deployment, laptops with English only would be fine. There is a strong desire in Uganda children from a very young age to learn and improve their English skills. LUganda and English are both taught in all secondary and primary schools, in Buganda Region which is the biggest in Uganda

Larger issues in Corruption and Ignorance are corruption and a fairly substantial commitment to and investment in "hand-me-down" obsolete hardware, technologies and proprietary software by the government and existing NGO's.

Educational or other institutions need to be educated on the value of adopting and supporting new and cutting edge technologies and projects like OLPC.

A Free Internet initiative is spreading WiFi over many schools

Reliable internet access is no longer an issue, a free internet initiative is spreading WiFi over many schools. The only issue is getting computers to the students.


Major Languages

Source: Ethnologue

  • Acholi
  • Ganda [lug] 3,015,980
  • Nyankore [nyn] 1,643,193
  • Chiga [cgg] 1,391,442
  • Soga [xog] 1,370,845
  • Lango [laj] 977,680
  • Teso [teo] 999,537
  • Tooro [ttj] 488,024
  • lugubara
  • Lugishu
  • Lusamia
  • Lulamongi

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Deployment Status [[Deployment status::A team coached by SvenAERTS - former OLPC Europe - is working here - with a special focus to the team collaborating with the Green Helmets -Nature Parc Guards and the Monusco Blue Helmets Mission and proposed 2013.03.14 the OLPC Educational Project. More: Report on the team - https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Q1Hdr0mDhCY]]