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Yes, I agree, subpages are ugly, and I feel guilty about their volume in the wiki. I have been thinking about the whole translating framework... especially regarding the new 'language features' that the wiki upgrade has provided—although I haven't documented myself...

Nevertheless, I do think that there are situations where pages seem to 'cluster' around some root page. For example, in Kuku you have the Kuku/Localization page, which seems rather natural and logical (the alternative of say [[Kuku localization]] although perfectly valid, I feel it much more 'disconnected' from the 'root'.

Another thing is the [[blahblah/translations]]... or the {{Country info}}... or whatever other use (btw, let's not forget about the HIG).

I'm all for simplifying things... :) --Xavi 02:47, 11 July 2007 (EDT)

country style to merge

The best thing is not to have a separate namespace; this makes collaboration across countries harder, and encourages a separate set of pages for each country without communication among them. For instance, most of the "Nepal" pages on the OLPC Nepal Wiki have some general-purpose material and some specific to Nepal.

How to add country-specific pages

The preferred way to create country-specific content on the wiki is:

a) Is there a general page about what you are writing about? If not, create a [plural] page about it. Ex: "Nepal Hack-a-thon I" --> "Hack-a-thons". Ex: "OLPC Nepal projects" --> "National projects"

b) Add an introduction to the idea, and a section for Nepal Ex: "== Nepal ==" in each case above

c) Add a separate page about Nepal's efforts if the above section is longer than 3-5 paragraphs Ex: "Nepal Hack-a-thon I" Ex: "Nepali national projects"

d) Use subpages sparingly, when there are 5-10 pages on a larger topic. Subpages are preferable to namespaces.