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Welcome to MIT's OLPC Page!

About Us

Hi, my name is Eli Ben-Joseph. I am currently a Junior at MIT majoring in Biological Engineering and Management. I found out about the OLPCorps program and was immediately drawn into the possibility of expanding the knowledge of computers to Africa. I have a very extensive technical background with computers, and I hope to be able to teach children in Kenya how they can use technology to make their country a better place.

Hi, my name is Joel Veenstra. I am currently a Sophomore and MIT majoring in Civil Engineering. I grew up in Tanzania and Kenya, and was immediately excited for the possibility to return to East Africa and give back to a community through OLPC. I have witnessed first hand what technology can do and the ideas and feelings that it can inspire to people that have use for it but no means to obtain it. I couldn't pass this opportunity up.
Hi, my name is Monica Hu. I am currently a Junior at MIT double majoring in Biology and Management. After hearing about the OLPCorps program, I loved the idea because of the opportunity to teach technology to young children who normally aren't exposed to it. Coming from a technical institute, I have become increasingly aware about the power of technology and innovation and I believe that this program to deploy OLPCs to Africa is a great way to teach a new generation about technology.

At MIT I am on the Board for the MIT chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, Captain of the MIT Cheerleading team, and former Executive Team Member of my sorority, Alpha Phi. I have also done biomedical enginnering research at MIT and played IM Badminton during my freshman year. For fun, I enjoy shopping on Newbury Street and walking around the Back Bay area of Boston.

Proposed Curriculum

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