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The purpose of this page

This page contains a list of projects proposed, planned, and being worked on by members of the Olin College OLPC University Chapter and friends.


Please post proposed projects here, so that we can apply for Developers program support (like XOs to use).

Project Name Project Description Professor Contact Materials needed Additional Information
the title/name of your project a basic description of your project which Olin prof is supervising your project? (required) your name here (link to user page, if you have a wiki account) what do you need to do it? anything else you want to say
Yalp Audio sampling toy n/a Ben Fisher nothing - done
Distributed mesh weather sensors (as an educational and research tool) Create a USB weather data collection unit that can be inexpensively produced and provided to (students / schools). Software Design / POE Greg Some money for prototyping, some people who like electronics, some people who want to develop the backend, some people who want to develop the XO mesh logging software. Just an idea Andy Barry, myself, and Evan Morikawa came up with.
"Lights" game for OLPCs Implement the "lights" game for the OLPC. [Online version of game]. Software Design Greg An OLPC and someone who knows a bit about PyGame type stuff. It's a super fun addictive game.
"Unicoder" Character Pad Simple text editor for quickly entering non-ascii characters. Unknown Ben Fisher Completion, ideas, feedback, maybe someone who knows Sugar I'm not sure whether this should be a dhtml-js or Python-gui. I have something that kinda works in Firefox.
MIDIpad A program for creating electronic music. Unknown Ben Fisher A bit more planning, implementation. I don't have enough time to do this alone. Although many people associate MIDIs with cheap crappy audio, this is only only because modern computers tend to use low-quality instruments. Back in the day, there were actually good-sounding MIDI sound cards. Timidity can also render using SoundFonts, and there are some very good SoundFonts available online.
Mp3 tagger Program for adding/changing ID3 tags for mp3/ogg audio files. The freeware program Mp3Tag is very good but its source is closed. Also, I'd like to add some ways to make metadata entry faster. Unknown Ben Fisher Finishing it, help with the gui Will the user need to organize files? What is the XO's filesystem?
USB GPS Device Hardware GPS to connect to XO. Unknown Andy P Software modification This is another example of hardware that could produce value to international companies, creating income generation opportunities.
Development Image on ACL Machine Install Sugar onto an ACL machine so we can play with it, and test things out faster than on the XOs Mark Chang, hopefully Stephen L ACL Machine, Sugar image, Fedora Should be useful

Proposed projects

  • Reproduce and try to understand the B4 Suspend ECR bug. If really ambitious, modify B4 to fix and test again.
  • Gather, test, and mount sensors into B4's case (selectable by external switch directly into audio jack).
  • Get frequency response for both speakers and audio-out jack.
  • Film "Disassembly: The Movie" with commentary from as many professors as possible.