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This is a pacman clone for the XO-Laptop. You can play this game with up to 3 players on a single laptop

Please note that this game is still under development and might contain tons of bugs.




How to install

Download this .xo file from the Browse activity: [[1]] If you have an older version, you'll need to delete it before you can download the new version. There are instructions here: Activity_Upgrade You can also use xo-get to install and/or upgrade Pacman (as well as many other activities).

How to play

When you start the game only one local player appears on the top left corner of the screen. Use the arrow keys (player 1) or game pad rocker (player 2) or game pad (player 3) buttons to move yourself around the maze. Each set of keys controls a different shaped player in the maze. Player 2 can also be controlled with the "w", "a", "s", "d" keys. If you press a key belonging to another player than player 1 this player will appear on the map.

You can stop and resume the game with the "p" key.

Try to eat as much as possible and do not kiss a ghost...


Version 2

Automatic start of a new game when everything was eaten, bugfixes, code cleanup

Version 1

First public release


Pacman has been tested on build 703 on a G1G1 laptop. Feedback is welcome at Talk:Pacman