Pen Tablet UI/User Study/S

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Name: S

Age: 22

Occupation: Student


  • Mentioned the problem of using an indirect device, and not knowing *precisely* where the line would appear

Task: Constrained drawing, Little Precision Required

  • "with the three things, it was very easy" (commenting on the fact that the task required drawing something in the center of each third of the tablet area)
  • immediately figured out what the blue rectangle in the center meant

Task: Unconstrained Drawing, Little Precision Required

Movable Mode

  • expected touchpad to cause it to move
  • but, when told that she needed to use the stylus, immediately figured out the way it worked
  • complained that using the stylus felt really inefficient
  • completed the drawing easily
  • "the lines appeared where I thought they would, for sure"

Fixed Mode

  • figured it out: "it's kind of the opposite of what I was doing before. It's pretty obvious once I started to move it."
  • "I keep forgetting that I need to use the stylus to scroll"
  • at one point, seemed to be moving the cursor towards the lower right corner as if to select that area
  • commented that "in this way, when I'm drawing the bottom, I can't see the top of my picture. ... I guess if I was a kid, I'd probably want to see my whole picture. ... Perhaps you're drawing something in relation to something else."

Dynamic Mode

  • completed with no problems
  • "I like this way, it's a lot quicker. Also, when I was talking at the start about how I didn't know where the line would show up -- this kind of solves that problem."

Task: Unconstrained Drawing, Requiring Precision

Dynamic Mode

  • was able to complete it successfully in this mode

Movable Mode, Alt-Hover

  • "This seems like it's going to be more difficult than it was in the other way."
  • When in hover mode, intially didn't press hard enough to see crosshairs
  • thought that moving the crosshairs was like setting the cursor in dynamic mode -- didn't realize that once she had set the crosshairs, she had to keep the stylus in the same position on the tablet.
  • after figuring it out, was able to complete the drawing successfully
  • "I like the dynamic for doing that better. It sort of slows the creative process when you have to be moving the [mapping rectangle] around."

Task: Reproducing Paper Drawing

  • Thought dynamic mode was best: "If I had to move to finish part of the bottom of [the shape], it would have been kind of annoying. ... if one motion is in two of the sections, it would seem weird to be able to only do half of [the shape]"

Additional Notes

  • I added a test that required precision but didn't require moving the mapping rectangle

(drawing a barbell in the centre of the screen)

  • Noted that with the dynamic mode, the instinct was still to draw in the appropriate area of the tablet
  • Said that the hover mode felt fluid, since she didn't have to move the rectangle
  • Suggested that being able to to move the rect between 3 "locked-in" areas using the arrow keys might be nice
  • Interestingly, when drawing one of the circles in dynamic mode, she set the cursor as if she was going to start drawing the circle from the 3:00 position, but actually started drawing from 12:00 on the tablet, causing the circle to be placed in the wrong location
  • Didn't understand what the blue rectangle meant in dynamic mode -- didn't felt like it was necessary or useful