Peripherals/Modular Power/Regulation

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A power regulator which takes various input powers and converts them into a usable power source for the XO.

Although this devices main purpose is to regulate power, it may also need to act as a power distribution system because the location of power generation isn't necessarily going to be the same as the location power is required.

Power distribution

There will be huge losses over even short distance if transmitting large quantities of power at 12V DC. So even in the cheapest village setup they might need a power distribution system.

There are some devices which will not work with 50Hz because they will over heat, but everything works at 60Hz.

Standard voltages are 440V and 220V.

So one solution would be;

  • 220V at 60Hz


  • The benefit of using an existing power standard (somewhere in the range of 100V - 240V AC, 50-60Hz is that there would be no need for a transformer on the other end of the line transmitting the power. Units could be plugged directly into the power line.

Product Requirements

  • Plug together power regulation modules to steadily increase to quantity of power that can be regulated. People can slowly build up to a system that can manage large amount of power as they find they need more.


  • Concept: Joshua Seal, 16th October 2007
  • Technical Contributors (Not all comments given have been updated yet);
    • John Watlington
    • Richard Smith
    • Michael Bove
    • David Smead