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Physics Game Jam Boston August 2008
Cambridge MA

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The Physics Game Jam is an OLPC Jam devoted towards producing physics-based games, levels and demos for the XO. The Physics Game Jam will be held Start date::August 29, 2008End date::August 31, 2008 in Has location city::Cambridge MA. Tell your friends (and physicist enemies)!

What will we be doing?

In ~48 hours, teams of 2-4 will each design, program and playtest a game for the XO using the new physics engine.

Remote Participation

The Physics Jam's remote participation component will be conducted using various mediums:

  • Video broadcasting of events will occur at . This includes the award ceremony on Sunday.
  • Conversation and help with development will occur at #olpc-activities


  • Trajectory ballistics game
  • Pyramid construction game (move the giant blocks using rollers to win!)
  • Physics-infused vector graphics editor

Others? This is a wiki! Click edit to add them! :)

Invitation Email

Hi friends,

A physics game competition will be occurring August 29-31 in
Cambridge, MA. (location TBD).

There will be categories for remote entries, youth, professional, and
independent game developers. There will be XOs and other sweet prizes
for the best entries!

Last summer, at the Boston Game Jam, the pros got destroyed. We're
secretly hoping for a repeat ;)

Save the date, and help spread the word. Feel free to pass this email
on or post these images on your website.

For more details, see , or reply
to this thread!

In physics we trust,
Brian Jordan


1 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Venue specifics will be based on number of attendees, though it will likely be around this area.