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If you're looking to start an OLPC-related project, we are happy to host your code. We can also provide related infrastructure services. Projects must be distributed under a license that provides freedom for the users; please stick to the GPL, LGPL or the MIT license for software; and CC-BY, CC-SA, or the GFDL for text and media, unless there's a compelling reason to do otherwise. A more comprehensive guide to software licensing is available.

What we host

We want to provide hosting for projects that already have a bit of code and a basic roadmap. Generally, you should create a page about the project here on this wiki, and have at least 50 lines of code written, before applying. Conversely, if you have more than 50 lines of code written for a project, you should get it into git. If you feel your project should be hosted right away despite not having much code, please explain in the "Notes" part of the application.

What we provide

  • one or more source code repositories, via git, the version control system used by the Linux kernel
  • a bug tracker, via Trac
  • a web-based source code repository browser, via gitweb
  • web and file space, either on or on a domain you own for the project (but not a developer's personal domain)
  • mailing lists, via Mailman
  • commit notifications by e-mail
  • shell accounts, as needed
  • other infrastructure services that you request, within reason, such as a blog or a separate project wiki

Hosting takes place on a fast server with lots of disk space and bandwidth. We have standardized on the git version control system, as it's blazingly fast and reasonably simple to use. If you have a compelling reason to use a different VCS, please note this in the "Notes" section.

How to apply

Copy and paste the following application into an e-mail, fill it out, and send it to the devel mailing list. You should be subscribed to the list to monitor the thread and address any questions or concerns from other developers and staff. If there are no unaddressed objections, we can bring your repositories online within 48 hours.

The application

The application form is available at Project hosting application.

Importing your project

See Importing your project to learn how to move your code into your OLPC repository, and read Using a central git tree to find out how to use git.