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XO Support

Instructions on installing Firefox

Instructions for installing Firefox can be found on the Firefox2 page.

Instructions on usage

These are handy firefox shortcuts for navigating the OLPC RT instance.

Note that you need sufficient privileges to access RT - these bookmarks will only be useful to Support gang members and OLPC employees.


Instructions on installation

To use, copy-paste the code below into an html file, then import it as a set of Firefox bookmarks.

<DT><H3 ADD_DATE="1202695054" LAST_MODIFIED="1202695192" ID="rdf:#$YPdfF3">OLPC RT shortcuts</H3>
<DT><A HREF="http://rt.laptop.org/RTFM/Article/Search.html?HideOptions=1&q=%s" ADD_DATE="1202695191" LAST_MODIFIED="1202695206" SHORTCUTURL="orms" ID="rdf:#$+PdfF3">OLPC RT RTFM search</A>
<DT><A HREF="http://rt.laptop.org/RTFM/Article/Display.html?id=%s" ADD_DATE="1202695142" LAST_MODIFIED="1202695184" SHORTCUTURL="orm" ID="rdf:#$.PdfF3">OLPC RT RTFM</A>
<DT><A HREF="http://rt.laptop.org/Search/Simple.html?q=%s" ADD_DATE="1202695022" LAST_MODIFIED="1202695104" SHORTCUTURL="ors" ID="rdf:#$XPdfF3">OLPC RT search</A>
<DT><A HREF="http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=%s" ADD_DATE="1202695071" LAST_MODIFIED="1202695095" SHORTCUTURL="or" ID="rdf:#$ZPdfF3">OLPC RT ticket</A>