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Donor Inquiries

Can I give or get an XO laptop?

While OLPC's Give One, Get One campaigns are no longer running since 2008,'s volunteers will be running similar/smaller XO-1 and XO-4 Touch Laptop community kit distributions starting later this summer 2013.

Consider also the following alternatives:

  1. Buy an Android-based OLPC Tablet at Walmart USA, Target or Amazon starting Aug 1, 2013. Note this community volunteer-driven Support FAQ document upholds the global open education work around OLPC's original XO-1, XO-1.5, XO-1.75 and XO-4 Touch Laptops. The OLPC Tablet is very different, and does not work with the Sugar Learning Platform at this time. If you have purchased an OLPC Tablet, customer service occurs occurs via the store where you bought it, and tech support occurs via, Thanks!
  2. Participate in the OLPC project without an XO laptop using emulation eg. virtual machine images.
  3. Join or organize local grassroots groups so your community can become involved, and write to: volunteer @
  4. Apply for a free XO Laptop if you're creating a community project around Software Activities, Learning Content and/or Capacity-Building Know-How, sharing with kids around the world.
  5. Purchase a used XO Laptop on eBay or other websites.
  6. Borrow a laptop from a volunteer-run XO Laptop Lending Library.
  7. Make a donation to OLPC.
  8. Donate your old XO laptop to OLPC for Haiti or another community project.
  9. If you are working towards a larger-scale or governmental educational effort, please read "Buying XOs" before contacting <countries @>

Where did my "Give One" XO laptop go?

<imagemap> image:P1010746-1.JPG|340px rect 1 1 680 680 Ulaanbaatar desc none </imagemap> The generous G1G1 donors of North America have given of tens of thousands of XO laptops to children in developing countries, including these new XOers in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Photo by Carla Gomez Monroy, Learning Consultant, OLPC, 17 Jan 2008) 12-2

About 10,000 XO laptops each were prepared for Haiti, Rwanda and Mongolia, expanding on the Mongolian deployment which began on a smaller scale in January 2008. Further details of the Give1Get1 program's matching donations (eg. Afghanistan and Cambodia anticipated) should be added here in future.

Official details are hard to come by in some cases. More broadly, here is a summary chart of OLPC's Deployments and a map of its overall deployment communities, with many photos/videos and blogs emerging so many years later.

Can I donate directly to OLPC and others helping XO laptop efforts?

Yes, you may donate here. Others directly supporting XO implementations may be supported here.

How can I donate my "Get One" XO?

Thank you very much for donating your XO laptop!

Please choose from this great list of independent projects and ship your laptop directly:

All of our volunteers are passionate about placing XOs where they will be used. OLPC cannot endorse any one recipient group.

You could also consider donating to local groups in your neighborhood, needy schools in your region, or even international programs.

Finally, we encourage you to re-donate your laptop through OLPC so that we can send it to an active school or research project that needs laptops or spare parts. Volunteers do their best to repair, refurbish and update your XO even if it is broken, and pass it along to a contributor who will greatly appreciate it!

Unfortunately, OLPC is unable to provide donation receipts for tax purposes. Thank you for taking the time to send us your XO!

How can I obtain 100+ laptops? Enlist my entire school?

If you are working towards a larger-scale or governmental educational effort, please read "Buying XOs" before contacting <countries @>

For smaller rollouts, please invest in getting to know others in your area by posting to our community map! Also study this great informal list of community deployment resources. Preparation is crucial--strongly consider joining our community support team and collaborating with local groups. While OLPC doesn't have a formal mechanism for setting up smaller trials, immediate peer feedback on school pilot projects is often available in our Live Chat (IRC) channels such as #olpc-help and #olpc. Once you have a thoughtful plan and team in place, you can contact community support volunteers at volunteer @, who'd be happy sharing their own similar experiences.

We strongly encourage everyone to join our Unleash Kids mailing list if you can help review or co-mentor others' independent projects & sustainable grassroots planning!

Such innovative projects demonstrating clear community deliverables (software, hardware, learning content, etc) may be eligible for free XO Laptops through our Contributors Program.

What Microsoft agreement was announced on May 15th 2008?

In May 2008, OLPC announced that Microsoft was purchasing a limited number of machines for their Unlimited Potential program to run Windows XP for pilot programs. However, OLPC does not currently offer Microsoft Windows to Give1Get1 participants. The XO laptop features the Linux operating system and the Sugar learning environment, including software specifically designed for children and the XO. Microsoft Word™ documents can be opened directly using some of the software and content created by thousands of volunteers around the world.

For more information on the Microsoft announcement, see the Microsoft FAQ summary answers.

What is OLPC's tax exempt info?

One Laptop per Child Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization in the USA.

Our EIN (Employer ID Number) is: 20-5471780.

If you make a donation and your company has a matching gift program, please see if they would be willing to match your gift to us.

Where is my "Get One" XO laptop from 2007?

If you believe you ordered an XO laptop between Nov 12, 2007 and Dec 31, 2007, and have yet to receive it -- please email help @ with:

  1. your 10-digit reference number (order number)
  2. the exact amount you paid
  3. the exact date you ordered or paid
  4. your original email address used to place your order
  5. the precise spelling of the person's name who ordered
  6. your up-to-date US or Canadian shipping address (sorry PO Boxes don't work!)
  7. your daytime/evening phone number(s)


Historical Information: the G1G1 Fulfillment Information page outlines some past problems with the Give1Get1 shipping and ordering process, dating from back in late 2007 and early 2008, which have now been resolved.