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Software Update, Restore to Factory Default

What's the latest software release?

The table on the right shows the latest software release for the OLPC XO.

Be prepared to lose all data, and upgrade to latest release. Your XO-1 laptop from 2007/2008 will powerfully benefit, with almost a decade of software improvements, and the inclusion of the Gnome graphical user interface for older kids. The installation procedure is fast (less than 10 min, after you take the time to download the correct 2 files to most any USB memory stick) and will reflash your XO laptop's entire "disk image" including the Fedora 18 operating system and a modern Sugar Learning environment. Again, back up all critical files to a USB memory stick!

What were the past releases?

OLPC's Software Releases from 2007 to 2013 are compiled in this comprehensive table. These software environments include the operating system and built-in Sugar Activities.

What software release am I running?

Please see How to check the OS and firmware versions. We encourage you to upgrade to the latest software here.

How can I restore my Give1Get1 XO to its factory configuration?

Be prepared to lose all data, and install our latest release. Your XO-1 laptop from 2007/2008 will powerfully benefit, with almost a decade of software improvements. The procedure will reflash its entire "disk image" including the Fedora 18 operating system and a modern Sugar Learning environment.

The clean-install procedures above are strongly recommended. If however you have "upgraded" the software on your laptop, and things have gone wrong, you may try the recover process: power off your XO, press and hold the 'O' game pad key, then power-on. This should boot from an alternate "disk image" (the one shipped with the machine).

If you see a "Bad hash at eblock #0" message while performing a clean install, this indicates the image on the USB flash drive is bad. Download the image again, or try a different USB device. Avoid certain brands of USB flash drives that still have a few compatibility kinks we're working on.

How do I update/upgrade my laptop? Opt out?

The "factory" clean-install procedure above is strongly recommended. Currently two methods for Upgrading the XO are available: online and offline.

How do I install a custom suite of Activities on every XO in a small deployment?

Let's say you want to add a few Sugar Activities and make a new software build, that can be easily installed in-country on each XO laptop in a small deployment. In the past (Release 11.3.1 and other releases prior to 2012) this was as easy as dropping the Activities into the "bundles" folder of a USB Customization Stick.

However there's good news in 2013: James Cameron has provided a great new recipe for microdeployments. Please consider joining the Unleash Kids and Support Gang mailing lists if you want to work with other volunteers doing the same!

After I upgrade my XO it says "Invalid System Date" and won't reboot

If you did a clean install and saw the error message "Invalid System Date" right before your XO was unsuccessful in rebooting, you have one of two options.

The first option is to continue to try to reboot, sometimes leaving the machine for a while before trying again. Sometimes the problem resolves itself and boots up just fine, like nothing was amiss.

The second option is to look over the Fix Clock wiki and read through the problem and repair options there. This is a fairly technical process, and hopefully the first option above fixes the issue.

If you continue to struggle with this problem, email support at HELP @ LAPTOP.ORG

How do I recover from a "Disk Full" error?

There are some situations—such as recovering from the "Disk Full" error—that may require you to reflash your XO laptop.

How do I run unofficial/unsigned builds & firmware?

For the XO-1 laptop, download a "Developer Key". Please follow the semi-automated process outlined at Activation and Developer Keys. It has a 24-hour delay due to the antitheft system.

Note: XO-1.5, XO-1.75 and XO-4 laptops are almost all arrive from the factory unlocked, so there is no need a Developer Key.

Where do I get Support for Fedora?

While Linux Fedora is not itself supported by OLPC, outside of our Sugar learning environment, here are some great resources to check out including forums and irc-based Live Chat: