Support meetings/20080106

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

4 - 5:30pm EST


  • Prabhas Pokharel,
  • Robert Ochshorn,
  • Diane Serley,
  • FFM (FireFoxMan),
  • Casey Ratliff,
  • Phil Bordelon,
  • Yvonne Guzman,
  • Nikki Lee,
  • Aaron Konstam,
  • Caryl Bigenho,
  • Chih-yu Chao,
  • Kate Davis,
  • Steve Holton,
  • Guynn Prince,
  • Joe Phigan,
  • Matthew O'Gorman,
  • Bernie Innocenti,
  • Arjun Sarwal,
  • Greg Babbin,
  • Sandy Culver,
  • Austin Appel,
  • SJ Klein,
  • Kim Quirk,
  • Adam Holt

1) Does anyone want to help me Train / Coordinate volunteers? If not I'll just recruit Dan Bennett, even as he hides in Thailand ;-)

Several people volunteered to assist. Suggested Adam have them join him on a training call with a volunteer to learn what needs to be done.

We can start contacting some of the folks who have sent messages volunteering to help within the last 3 weeks or so and directing them to where they can volunteer, starting here: or Participate

2) Core Developers Bernie and Arjun and Content Director SJ are all hoping to join us--who knows possibly others--prepare your toughest questions!

Arjun is still working on his Cow Power charger. So far will charge only 2 XOs at a time. Wants to be able to charge 10. Ha tried it with a cow and it works.

Arjun...working on medical applications. Folks can send him ideas for applications. Invite doctors to send him ideas.

Someone suggested using the laptops for pictures of weather conditions, maybe "stitching" to make panoramas.

Would be nice to have "print to pdf" to enable documents to be shared all over the world with all kinds of computers without any paper involved.

Need suggestions for enhancements. Put in TRAC, our "bug tracker" but mark it as an "enhancement."

Open to suggestions for changes to RT categories. Don't want too many...too hard to do meaningful stats if too many.

May want to prioritize bugs as to importance for overseas users vs G1G1

3) 1 piece of Feedback from each Support Volunteer -- what's the toughest problem YOU faced this week?!

(solicited from all, see above and below)

4) Documentation "2.0" summary dreams/plans from prior meetings with Katie/Casey/Seth/Noah/PBordelon/Nikki/MBurns?/SJ/Holt/etc

(3-4pm meeting preceding this call was briefly summarized)

5) Call center update from MOG/Phigan/Holt -- delayed a bit longer sorry -- now we need to know: who can help participate in training for telephone-based support??

Update...Joe Phigan: server up. Could use right away. Getting voice prompt scripts prepared an d then recorded soon. Volunteer agents will log in to start their "shift", hang up, calls to support will be routed to the number each volunteer agent called the 800-number from. It will give them the trouble ticket # and transfer. If no agent available, it will give donors a recorded message about wait time, etc.

6) Are community repair centers possible? Update from Katy and/or Ian Daniher if possible. Details later posted here if we confirm progress:

If can get spare parts will set up some repair centers for folks who want to work on them. Spare parts is the biggest problem.

7) Share any reactions on (Prez) Walter Bender's weekly update just published: Current events

(briefly alluded to)

8) How can OLPC better support volunteers????

In response to Phil Bordelon's question, Adam & Kim clarified that Community Support Volunteers are *today* supporting the Give1Get1 program in the USA and Canada, but we hope that all volunteers will look to the future at building out our organization, so even if developing countries copy our so far very successful model of community support, they should generally build our their own support network.

9) Who can please help compile minutes to:

Thanks Caryl for writing up these minutes!!

Other comments:

  • Arjun's Measure activity...wants ideas for using it around curriculum ideas. Helpful if folks could take their XO out and try them with some kids. Email him with ideas. Arjun will also be starting a mailing list immediately to solicit ideas worldwide on medical applications benefitting from the XO. Again, contact User:Arjs.
  • Caryl is working on Educators section of wiki. If you have any teachers who might like to share input, have have them send her an email.