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feedback on 2012-04-07 version

  • There isn't a "close box on the right corner of the Frame", the stop icon is in the Activity's toolbar.
  • This is missing all the other ways to stop in , seems they should be copied over (or that page updated)
  • The 8.2 manual doesn't mention the Journal interaction. Whenever I exit a new activity (rather than one I've resumed), I'm always prompted to "Name this entry". I think this chapter should explain what's going on or link to a Journal explanation.

The 8.2 manual says you can press ctrl+esc, but in its screenshot and all the activities I've seen, the of the Activity's toolbar stop icon has Ctrl+Q as an accelerator. And Ctrl+Esc doesn't always work, e.g. in Write. -- skierpage 00:27, 14 April 2012 (UTC)