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Naming Activities

I wonder how 'universal' or 'global' is the guideline... for example, in Naming Activities... when referring to verbification it's assuming that most other languages are somewhat 'germanic' in nature where the coinage of new terms comes easily. This is particularly obvious in the digital domain where the terms originate in English... Many languages are not so pliable - particularly those that have official bodies that determine the correct use of words and language. Spanish and French come to mind, but what about Arabic? Or Thai? Other languages... are they as 'flexible' or 'rich' to actually accomodate to the guideline or make sense out of it? I don't know...

As a taster; the term Internet is almost universal... but the RAE (Real Academia Española) with which national academies in spanish speaking countries co-edit the official dictionaries in their latest edition (2001) doesn't have it! Paradoxically, you can see their dictionary online... but I have no idea how they refer to the 'thing' that makes it possible... They'll include it on the XXIII edition that you can preview... online...

I know, it's a guideline... but as a general comment, I find it a bit too english-centric in the undertones... --Xavi 18:33, 18 February 2007 (EST)