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This is primarily Neil's Task list for this wiki. Feel free to add and take away, so we can get a clear concept of what is needed here.

Out of date things

  • News
Need additional news stories
Look on: blog | OLE news | additional news sites.
Quite a few added. Need just a bit more
  • General Information about Nepal
look on: Wolfram Alpha, Google etc. < done

  • Country Information (top and bottom)
• Deployment < Done 
• Number of laptops < Done
• Build < Done
• School Server <  Done
• Deployment status < Done

Things that should be added.

  • Clear link and explantion that detailed information about current activities is on OLE Nepal site.

  • wolfram alpha Nepal page < Done
  • Other schools than Bashuki and Bishwamitra.
Look on:  blog
  • More Planning Documents
Look on: blog, < probably not needed. 
  • OLE Nepal in Bashuki and Bishwamitra schools
Bahuki <
experiences < 
Bishwamitra <   added follow up items from blog
experiences < 
  • Some relevant items from the blog < This section was removed by another user
Need more of them. 
-OLE Nepal Deployment Guide

  • List of default installed activities.
Info Currently here. May be out of date:
Also put list of prospective default installed activities here 


  • List of things that need further info before action.
None currently in the OLPC section 

  • What is the purpose of this page?
Information for:
other OLPC projects?
Internal exchange of ideas?
  • How does this page relate to the OLE Nepal wiki page?
This page is the history and status of the OLPC project in NEPAL. OLE is specifically about what OLE is doing.