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Interest in content bundles

If you want to help out with scripting or building content bundles, add your name below:

Notes from Lauren

Things to work on/think about (in no particular order):

1. Task template: should it have status and team members too, or should that info be kept out of the task template and maybe just go on the task page?

2. Sample task page: what should go on it? And then,

2a. We should make our "organizing organizing" follow those specifications.

3. Task template again-- the "time" units seem pretty good, but what about the "skills"? Should we try to brainstorm a larger list?

3a. Lauren's discussion about that w/ Xavi: User_talk:Lauren#some_templates

4. How do we make the instructions for adding a task as c lear and easy as possible (to a wiki novice).

Thoughts/Agenda for Working Meeting (6/5)

one-minute tasks

We began to break up 'participate' tasks by time...

See Talk:Participate on the wiki for details.

("Think about tasks that can be done in under a minute. Imagine people doing tasks hundreds of times in a week, getting many of them wrong, revising and reviewing these tasks that others have done...")

Josh and Mel and I were brainstorming about this just tonight. Reviewing content and creating groups dedicated to a specific type of review, a la content stamping, is one example. If you think of others, please describe them in as much detail as you like here. Sj talk 20:31, 27 August 2007 (EDT)

Some thoughts:

data stamping

  • stamp data
  • edit stamps
  • fix categories (and taxonomies)
  • add to special collections

data extraction and reformatting

  • move data (pictures, stories, biographies, etc) into other collections, curricula, lessons, books, etc.
  • add to a list of quotations or excerpts
  • fix bibliography data: add translations, metadata, etc. (Get help from open library on this)
  • reformat books into other forms

Need links for cheerleaders / marketing folks

We're getting lots of interest from people who present themselves as salespersons, marketers, and executives. Where can we direct them? --Holt 18:56, 12 February 2008 (EST)

Link to Summer of Content...

This links off to the summer of content page, which is still for 2007. There is no way for someone to follow the advice to "sign up".

Braindump for rework

How terrible. I wonder what this was meant to signify... --Sj talk

A better layout and color scheme is here: see also the older version of the page I don't know which chunk size is better. I preferred the old tone and levity, and link set, though the linked-to pages in many cases weren't fleshed out. Let's work towards a happy middle ground.