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Are you a Teacher?

If so, please:

Are you a Developer or Tester?

It may be easiest at the moment for developers to get involved. You can

We expect to have monthly releases for a short while, followed by three-month update cycles; with activity developers soon able to follow their own cycles.

We also host regular Jams to code activities of various sorts. Games and News activities have been topics of recent events.

Are you a Grade School Student?

If you are a student, you can:

  • Make an account here on the wiki, and write about what projects you are working on
  • Start a new project with a friend, or suggest one you want to start
  • Test the laptops with others; join a review squad, or set up a review session with their class.
  • Communicate with other students around the world. (A penpals program is in the coming; see ePals for a related activity.)

Make things; share what you know!

Everyone can:

Can you translate? Can you read?

We are looking for help translating this wiki, our most-used core software, and the many activities and content bundles being made.

For educational organizations

Educational organization can help out too. Like individual teachers, your organization can

  • Adapt materials for the XO laptops,
  • Review existing materials and interfaces,
  • Connect groups of students and teachers with one another,
  • Provide expert guidance to student groups

We are building open projects and open source tools and materials in every field. To sign up, see the Curators and coordinators page.

For an older overview of getting involved, see the more detailed page Getting involved in OLPC. Some other links are included here for quick perusal:

OLPC Community pages

Community channels online

Our community includes the educators, developers, writers, artists, translators, parents, and users of early machines. Please join us and contribute to OLPC's impact on education around the world.

Some related feeds


from OLPC Blogs and lists

Find a Task

An exploratory way to to find open tasks:

by time.
by skill.
by browsing!

See also our FAQ and Ask OLPC a Question, which always need active pruning and archiving. This is a task which lets you review the tasks and project ideas of others.

Help finding a task.

Add a Task

To add a new task:

  1. Create a new task page.
  2. Categorize it according to the task template (included on task page).
  3. Add a link and description on the Projects or Activities page (if relevant).

Help adding a task.