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Where can one buy a CM1 to use for development and testing?

Are the batteries improperly described?

Several places in this Wiki refer to the OLPC battery as NiMH, but I've seen elsewhere (David Pogue) that they are Li-Ferro-Phosphate. This should be corrected if NiMH is not correct.

the XO will have the two kind of batteries you are referring to, please see Laptop_Batteries.

== Testing for education purpose it cost $40;99

love to get one for testing, in particular, how teacher can use it to speed up students' learning, and the learning curve of using Linus and new softwares.

in near future, would hope to see other channel to purchase CM, in a much smaller order size, for eductional and non-profitable institutions.

Errors on this protected page

There are spelling/typing errors on this page, but it cannot be modified as the page is protected... Would it not be better to free up more pages on the OLPC wiki, and allow moderators to watch over them?

The main typo is "individuals certainly now know better" at the bottom of the page... Which I think should read "know no better".

Just an example, but I think the idea of wiki is to allow changes made in a sensible way by all users, unless they abuse the system.

--Tomhannen 05:52, 26 August 2006 (EDT)

I agree. There is no reason to lock down a page like this. That's what roll-backs are made for.

Another example is "remotest regions" is poor gramar -- and this is an educational project -- "most remote regions" is better.

--User:Mark de Solla Price October 22, 20006

Name Change from CM1 to 2B1

What is the official rationale for the swift name change from CM1 to 2B1?

- Could it be because 2B1 is pronounced "to be one"? I think it´s a nice name, with a nice meaning.

- I agree that the name has a nice ring to it, but frankly, given the global nature of the project, I am surprised to see a name chosen that is essentially an Anglocentric (albeit clever) play on words. To non-English speakers it will be little more than a random assortment of characters. Plus... What will the second revision be called? 2B2? It doesn't seem like a very forward-thinking name choice. I liked CM1 much better, but even that's based on a Roman alphabet. I know it's making mountains out of molehills, but if the project is truly about inclusion and universality, shouldn't the name be something more like ":-)" or just plain "1"? I'm making these suggestions only half in jest...

Tres bien, mais...

This sounds like a nice machine, and the idea is appropriate and timely. I wonder what planning is made for *using* these notebooks. Simply handing them out will not work -- a progressive and comprehensive teaching plan must be developed. Also, I think it should be tested in phases locally before it is deployed internationally. Finally, some should be made available for their current production cost and promoted so that funding sources such as governments can see these are real hardware not vaporware.

Humbly supportive,


Solar/wind power

I wonder if the machine has any mean to be powered by external batteries, or maybe a connector made to replace the battery could be used. Then, maybe some schools or individuals could get a solar panel (i suppose very small for the very little energy consumption) to power the machine. As soon as these computers begin to be distributed in places with no electric supply it could be a great benefit for the users to be provided with some cheap solar panels.

The machine was designed with this in mind. It will accept anything from 10 to 25 volts and is protected against reverse polarity wiring.


This page needs to link to other Wiki pages. I am going to write a VoIP page, since I see that there isn't one, and then I found that I wouldn't be able to make this page link to it. Similarly for many other topics. Ed Cherlin 2006-9-8 18:07 GMT-07:00

This page is really more of an executive summary. For links that are of interest to developers, Software would be a better home. - JordanCrouse (Talk to me!) 20:08, 10 September 2006 (EDT)

I love this machine

I am a nerd by profession, but an educator by nature and I love everything about this program. The power of this idea along with the potential impact is immeasurable. My only request is that OLPC begin allowing more discussion about use in the U.S.

Developing nations are obviously a viable and commendable target for this, but our public schools are in dire need of a jump start. I have been in the technology industry since long before there were laptops (married to a public school teacher too!) and I know that a thoughtful infusion of technology coupled with some human innovation is just what our schools need.

I like that mini-puter

Hey, have to admit that this is by far the most interesting small computer I've seen so far...

And, too, it could be interesting for us in "normal" world also, for our kids to "play" with when they are not old enough for a "big" computer.

For me as someone who needs computing power and has to pay his electricity bill, I need a "computing farm" of these! (I only use x86/SSE1-instructions in my apps) My PC:2200 MHz, and the whole thing uses 200 W on 100% cpu-usage! The Childrens Machine:400 MHz, 2-5W? on 100% cpu-usage!

7.5 inch screen

I think screen is very small.(7.5 inches) Is it easy to read from that screen? will there be no eye pain?\

keep up the good work!

great idea! will benefit billions!


another idea is to develop a cheap screen-only type similar to ebook readers, and then send off all the redundant keyboards (or touchscreen). another benefit could be competition against the overfeatured devices, and there might be more money for charity.

I sort of like the idea... but wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a laptop computer?
Your idea sort of reminds me of the use of new technologies in standard contexts or ways: it wasn't until that people stopped imitating birds and started using the aerodynamic concepts embodied in them that we learned how to fly. Similarly the sewing machine, and many other inventions that are a 'waste' of time and energy until you break away from the 'old concepts' or 'ways of doing'... in that sense, you are basically proposing 'a new kind of book'... I would say the OLPC is more interested in breaking away from the 'old way of teaching' (reading and regurgitation) into a constructivist way of learning and doing...--Xavi 12:05, 10 January 2007 (EST)

Spanish version of The Children's Machine page

Just finished the spanish version of this page La Máquina para Chicos (actually I'll put it after this post - needed a link ;) and would like it to be linked from this page The Children's Machine and the portuguese version A Máquina das Crianças --Xavi 10:32, 1 December 2006 (EST)

Page name

Shouldn't this page be renamed? May I suggest:

The Children's Machine the original/generic page name
XO: The Children's Machine personally I don't feel comfortable using the ':' in a page name within a wiki (namespaces)
XO - The Children's Machine nightmare in addressbar with _-_ ;)
XO The Children's Machine ... bit easier in addressbar
XO minimalistic, maybe too much

Comments? Ideas? --Xavi 14:34, 13 April 2007 (EDT)

I like #1. Anyway, 2B1 is outdated. --Abee 19:07, 10 August 2007 (EDT)

Outside from the Governments, where can one purchase these machines? What about the alternatives? I planned buying some and donating to schools, but how do I?

Battery Composition

The article describes one of the battery compositions as LiFePo4, Po is polonium, a highly radioactive heavy metal. I believe that it's meant to be phosphorous, of which the symbol is P or maybe phosphate (PO4), but definitely not just Po, also the 4 should be sub-scripted. 00:54, 7 October 2009 (UTC)

Yes, you're right on both counts. that should be P4...

Princess OLPCoke

The children's machine would not be possible without the diligent work of a long line of Pretty Princesses. Please honor them. 12:12, 4 November 2009 (UTC)

Shouldn't we put the links to the 2 OLPC video's Part 1 and Part 2?

--SvenAERTS 10:45, 14 June 2012 (UTC)