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What does Firmware refer to?

Is this the firmware of the wireless router? Or is this the firmware of the XO?

What does Tested mean?

The table has a heading 'Tested' what does this imply? That the person creating the entry has run a test 'script' (manual or automated script)?

Or is this table more of an experience report - i.e. Yes I've got this router and OLPC to work together?

Linksys VRT54GS Router

I am unable to connect the laptop to my router - can anyone help.....?

Scope of Sugar / Network Manager

Are we to take into consideration things outside the scope of sugar / network manager?

Neither can detect my network unless I use WEP. However if I use wpa_supplicant, it works for a large variety of networks including WPA-PSK-AES(CCMP) with my LinkSys WAP55AG.

I am trying to document all that can be done within the scope of the default system. So I am basically using yum for any added software. But the system is the same, XO 653.

Linksys WRT330N non-working router

Linksys WRT330N with wpa-psk-aes was seen not to work in one case under XO 653.

-- Cafl 00:18, 12 January 2008 (EST)

Motorola W2000 with AP300

Hi, I have made some test with the equipment described in the subject and have successfully worked with 30 XO devices. Some problems were detected at the moment of association and initial state of de XO mesh but as I know is not a matter of the motorola wireless switch.

Can anyone add this to the list?