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This template shows the latest releases available, displayed in an "infobox". You can control which lines appear in the infobox.

The actual links and strings for each line are separate from the template to simplify maintenance. To update a line in the infobox follow one of the links below:

Line Current text
XO-1 builds
XO-1 stable 13.2.11 2020-01-29 edit
RC disabled edit
Stable flavors currently disabled edit
Fedora 11 10.1.3 2011-01-16 edit
Devel 13.2.0 upcoming edit
Firmware Q2E48 2011-10-13 edit
XO-1.5 builds
F11 on 1.5 13.2.0 2013-07-17 edit
Firmware Q3B22 2011-10-24 edit
Other builds
Server xs-0.7 2012-02-20 edit
Extra Text
updating the XO +/-


Don't hardcode build and release information in pages. Unless a page is obviously historical (e.g. "April 2007 test results") never say "the current release is 708". Instead, invoke this template to present latest release information.

{{ Latest Releases }}

If you just want to display a particular latest build within a paragraph, you can invoke one of the sub-templates:

 The current release candidate is {{Latest Releases/rc}}


{{ Latest Releases }}

 The current release candidate is {{Latest Releases/rc}}

  The current release candidate is disabled