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In development You can use this template in a semantic query to display 'Test result' semantic information, e.g. the info from Berkeley Logo.

Goal is to display information in the same format as Template:Test results does on pages like Tests/Sugar Control Panel/Date & Time.

Another approach might be to just use format=embedded in the semantic query, which embeds each matching page, and keep each test result on a subpage.

The query that calls it needs to invoke Template:SMW display test result-oneline-begin, then request display of these fields in the same order, then invoke Template:Test results end. Thus

{{SMW display test result-oneline-begin}}
  [[ some criteria]] ...
  | format=template
  | template=SMW display test result-oneline
  | ?Software release
  | ?Build stream
  | ?Build number
  | ?PassFail
  | ?Trac bug number(s)
  | ?Comments
{{Test results end}}

See query at Test result query examples.

|- | {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} | {{{3}}} | {{{4}}} | {{{5}}} | {{#arraymap:|, |x|x}} | {{{7}}}