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Amharic, Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Hausa, Hindi, Igbo, Nepali, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Kinyarwanda, Thai, Urdu, & Yoruba

This template acts like a macro that inserts the list of languages for the "green" countries in 2007 (those countries OLPC planned to pilot in 2007):

Argentina, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Libya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Thailand, United States, Uruguay.

NOTE: Be careful where and how you include it, so that the wording doesn't go stale or wrong when the contents of the list change. Today's list may not be the same as tomorrow's...


Just type {{Status green languages}}


See Languages for other lists of "key" "core" "tier one" etc. languages.

Here are the actual languages in use in actual deployments of more than 500 laptops: {{#ask: [[Number of manufactured laptops::>499]]

 |?Language spoken
 |sort=Number of manufactured laptops
 |default=Nothing with Property:Number of manufactured laptops > 499?!


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