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In use

You can use this template in a semantic query to display Test case semantic information.

This has some tricks to display a link to add a test result. (There are limitations to storing test results as properties of a test case, see Semantic MediaWiki#ssues for test results

This uses HTML <table> <tr> <td> syntax (copied using View > Source of Activities page, because skierpage heard that trying to use wiki table markup in a template with SMW had all kinds of problems. But should verify that, because it's a hassle to reinvent the layout of Template:Activity-oneline.

The query that calls it needs to request display of these fields in the same order

  [[ some criteria]] ...
  | format=template
  | template=Test-case-query
  | ?Short name
  | ?Test objective
  | format=template
  | template=test-case-query
  | default=No articles found with some criteria?!

See queries in TestCases 8.2.0 and Test cases 8.2.1
|- || {{{1}}} || {{{2}}} || {{{3}}}


[{{fullurl:{{#sub:{{{1}}} | Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{". | -2 }}|action=formedit}}#main_Test_results +]