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Here we are hacking data we get back from SMW : it is returning the name of the test in question as a property, with standard format

 Property name

So we use the string functions provided by Extension:StringFunctions to extract the raw property name:

  1. find the length of the property-string S
  2. if the property name string is P, <math>len(S) = 2len(P) + 5</math>. so we extract the substring (len(P)+4, -2) to get P
  3. in the above, since we don't yet know P, we write this as <math>(len(S) + 3)/2</math> [ <math>= (2len(P) + 8)/2 = len(P) + 4</math> ]

Hopefully you don't have to try this at home. If you do, see [1] and [2]. --Sj talk 06:10, 5 September 2008 (UTC)