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How about including some ranking to reflect the type of activity? I was thinking on two numbers (0-9) that sort of measure the Collaborative: [Solitary(0) <---> Group(9)] and Role: [Consumer(0) <---> Producer(9)] (or [Pasive(0) <---> Interactive(9)]) nature of each activity.

For example, Read would be in the in the low end in both—you tend to read alone or in solitary, and you don't interact much with the content. Ideas? --Xavi 13:05, 13 June 2007 (EDT)

more flexibility

I've been thinking that this template could be given some more flexibility and thus include many of the other Software projects, not just the Category:Activities, by including a type or similar parameter that will categorize it as activity, infrastructure, support, developer tool, etc. In this way we can have a page (category) for each of these and avoid the 'list' pages that try to group them depending on the PoV applied... and that rapidly turn obsolete as things are added or change. Also, having things 'listed' means that the list has to make the link between the git entry and whatever wiki page may exist—something that is not obvious sometimes, limiting the value of said list.

Either that or a 'Git Component' template could be developed...

Comments? Ideas? --Xavi 13:07, 17 June 2007 (EDT)