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Notes: Many of the features in this test plan are not yet functional. They are based off the writeup at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Chat. Qz81ZH Thanks for your insights � I couldn�t agree more.,

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tSzsUC Very interesting!I�d like to see how far he goes and how well the word will get out.,

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Cool Info, practical.. lol,

Close your Chat activity

Justification: HIG


  1. Switch to the Activity tab.
  2. Click the X button in the upper right corner.


  • That the toolbar changes to a different set of buttons when the Activity tab is clicked.
  • That clicking the X button closes the activity.
  • That the Chat icon is removed from the donut.
  • That other users are not removed from the Chat, and are still able to post messages and interact. (? Is this how a shared activity is supposed to work?)

Resume the Chat activity

Justification: HIG


  1. Switch to the Neighborhood view.
  2. Click the Chat activity icon that should still be there.


  • That the Chat activity icon is still present in the Neighborhood view.
  • That the Chat activity opens and still has the users that were in it before (basically, that it opens the same Chat activity rather than a new one)
  • That you can still see messages from other users and type your own.