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Just getting started here.

Brief Bio

Chris Leonard, Ph.D.

I'm currently Director of Translational Research and Technology at a small pharmaceutical research and development firm working on disorders of the central nervous system, which is a roundabout way of saying I run an IT shop with some interesting scientific computing requirements and do other things [1][2] that need to get done (e.g. design and run clinical trials, etc.)[3].

I've got a strong background in clinical microbiology, formerly a licensed clinical microbiology lab tech and 5 years of teaching the same to medical students at Cornell Med during my Ph.D. program. My research interests have included the molecular biology of viral DNA replication (Ph.D.)[4][5], molecular oncology (post-doc at Johns Hopkins)[6][7] and bioinformatics studies of the evolution of cell-cycle control mechanisms (GenBank Fellow, NCBI/NLM/NIH)[8]. Of particular relevance in this context, I'm an expert hunter-gatherer and synthesizer of biomedical information and interested in contributing to the Health project.

A passing interest in the topology of networks (including social networks) has led me to the discovery that I have an Erdős numberof 3.

More details on my LinkedIn profile:


  • Hunting for more content like Children's_Health_Books from governmental and NGO sites that is high-quality, easily bundled and under suitable licensing.
  • General wiki clean-up, especially with regard to metadata to make it easier to find stuff on-wiki.

Working on some infrastructure and capacity-building projects

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