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Directive0 is a fan and dependent of the OLPC wiki. A Toronto dwelling G1G1 donor, he spends his time learning about the hardware/software side of the OLPC project while endeavoring to increase his knowledge of the Linux/GNU community paradigm. He donated mostly for the interesting tech the XO offered, the fascinating software movement, and the altruistic nature of the program itself.

Things I'm watching

[1] Record problems under Joyride.

What follows is a rather rough assemblage of information I often need to find, keeping it here saves me time.

Damage Control Measures

The following tips will allow you to get your XO back the way it was should you manage to mess it up. My best advice would be to get your XO exactly how you want it (All your apps installed, favourite apps in your ring, etc) and then back it up using the below script.

Boot Backup Commands

requires dev-key

Backup and Restore

Press esc while booting to enter firmware mode, at the "ok" type the following:

Backup to a usb stick

save-nand u:\backup.img

to SD card

save-nand sd:\backup.img

To restore

from a USB stick

copy-nand u:\backup.img

from an SD card

copy-nand sd:\backup.img

When finished simply type "reboot"

Activated Upgrade

You can also use an Activated_Upgrade key to reflash your XO to 656 (a stable build).

Customization Information

Config file

If you’d like a new name and colors use the steps below.

  1. Launch your Terminal Activity
  2. Type “su” to give yourself permission to remove files.
  3. Type the following remove commands.  “rm” is the command to remove a file.
     After typing the first command, use the up arrow and bring back the previous command. Then backspace to where you want to start typing again to enter the next command easier.
  4. rm /home/olpc/.sugar/default/config
  5. rm  /home/olpc/.sugar/default/owner.key
  6. rm  /home/olpc/.sugar/default/
  7. Reboot the sugar interface by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Erase (sound familiar?)
  8. Enter your new name and then click on the XO logo to select your colors.

Usefull Pages

Amongst the Wiki, I have found the following pages to be of incalculable value. The following items are great if you have just reflashed or are opening your XO for the first time.


  • bert's script will allow you to quickly and simply install the G1G1 application bundle on your new 703 build XO using a network connection and the Terminal.


  • firefox Is a great browser that will speed up your XO web viewing considerably

Desktop Managers

  • xfce is a more traditional desktop manager that will behave much more like OSX/Win32 then Sugar.

External Sites of great informative value

  • Catmoran's OLPC Site is a great place to get acquainted with the terminal and how you can use it to change your XO experience.

More about me

These are links that are focused on my interests outside of the OLPC initiative.

My sites

Ontario Longboarding a Longboarding website I maintain for skateboarders living in Ontario.