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I am currently inactive here. I hope to become active again sometime soon!


  • Maybe we can start setting up chapters for content? That way, different activities can be sorted into relevant chapters...
    • Suggestions for chapters
      • Water and Sanitation
      • Nutrition
      • Physiology
      • Reproductive Health

Mika 07:39, 4 April 2008 (EDT)

  • An idea for a webapp: an interactive map with information on health care related locations. For example:
    • Where to obtain Formula
    • Where to find clean water
    • Where to get HIV/AIDS drugs
    • Where to receive emergency medical care

Mika 11:04, 22 May 2008 (EDT)


  • I had been away from the project for a little while but now that I'm done with my degree, I can contribute a little bit more. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. Mika 15:59, 10 December 2008 (UTC)
  • I will be attending the Jam session in NYC this weekend. Mika 17:35, 26 March 2008 (EDT)
  • I'm putting more information on the Nutrition page that people can use to develop activities.
  • Answered MVP on their questions:
    • Detailed description of the applications and topics they (OLPC) cover
    • how you envisage their (XO) introduction to teachers and students
    • Would teachers need to be trained to guide students? If so, how much? Or are theses programs that students can easily grasp
    • How much time would it take per week/per session if the material were to be used in classes?
    • How do you see these application integrated into school curriculum?
    • Do you have a timeline for when the software will be ready?
    • What kind of collaboration would you need from MVP for the introduction of these applications to MVP
  • Contacted some people at Millenium Village Project. They seem interested in the project and I think the use of XO in their education/health project is very much appropriate. Will update further soon. -- 13:02, 18 Feburary 2008
  • Talked to User: Mchua about possibly holding Health Jam in Boston/Cambridge in late spring/early summer. I think that'd be a great idea! -- Feb 17, 2008

Getting started

It was initially hard for me to know how to get started and contribute in this project and I think there are others how feel the same way, so I'm describing here how I approached it. It's not the only way or even the correct way but just an experience I've had so far..

  • Join Mailing List
  • Make an OLPC wiki account
  • Talk to Arjun and SJ and ask questions.
  • Understand how this health project is carried out (i.e. a grassroot project that anybody can join and help).
  • Read Health Content, Health Software, and Health Hardware to get a sense of what this project is about and where I may be able to help out (i.e. I can probably help most in Health Content).
  • Talk to people who are involved in the category of interest (i.e. Health Content) and ask how I can help.
  • Pick something that I want to help under the category (i.e. Nutrition). Make a wiki page if it doesn't exist yet and link it from another page.
  • Talk to my friends about this health project and see if they're interested (i.e. students on the medical campus).
  • Talk to strangers who might be interested in the project (i.e. professors at my school, Millennium Village Project coordinators).
  • Join relevant conference calls

OLPC-Health related activities

  • Arjun and I have been contacting people who're involved in the health project to connect people with similar interests.


cjl pointed out that all the images from Medline are non-free. Here's the list of free images from wiki commons that may be used as substitutes. I'll add more in the next few days.

Words that grab my attention and sometimes heart

public health, nutrition, biology, music, Japanese, videography, geeks, vegetarian food, puzzles

About me

  • I am interested in helping OLPC in building medical library content and creating a way of using XO as a communication tool between patients and doctors in rural areas.
  • I'm currently a Master in Pubic Health student at Harvard School of Public Health, studying public health with a focus in international health. I am also doing research on Akt/PI3K cell signaling pathways in a lab at HSPH. I have previously worked in a lab studying poliovirus infection.
  • I also studied nutrition at Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University. I did research on the role of "good" and "bad" fats in the development of atherosclerosis in mice as part of my thesis work. If you want to know which fatty food to eat, come talk to me!
  • Other random things about me:
    • I like classical/jazz music. Given enough time, I'll practice and play Debussy's "Fireworks" for anyone who's interested.
    • I play Shogi.
    • My native language is Japanese.
    • I enjoy doing videography. For instance, iPod Liberation.
    • I maintain the Debian package of my favorite piece of software, bubblefishymon.
    • I'm a vegetarian.
    • I love puzzles.

Contact Info

  • visit Acetarium