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Schedule for May


  • Finish community / membership draft
  • Farm out project for comments and corrections
  • Start to revise and create wiki-support
    • Create and manage OBX for user pages
    • Fix up own sample user page


Rock out with TextbookRevolution!!!!


  • Hold 'membership' meeting on IRC
  • Create workflow for Health Content bundle in wiki pages
    • List out tables of available materials
    • Create categories: for formatting (pdf-html) (Translate) (Release copyright) (illustrate)
  • Get people/teams plugged into above system


  • Finish Content Tagging proposal Via Bookmarks and scraping
  • Wrangle Mel and own python skills into scraping said links and outlining aggregating software
See Content bundle making script Mchua


  • Get feedback on the Content tagging system and recruit people
  • Run a team of ~10 people through content tagging project at Librivox/
    • Review/Tag some content myself

Rough outline (obsolete)

Community systems for May '08

  • Rework Content hierarchy for allowing contribution
  • Human Participation Interface
    • Import Ubuntu membership structure
    • Health (use as first example)
    • Content contribution framework/pathway (with cjl)
  • Wiki-work Organize the cleaning of:
    • First re-clean Health
    • Understand and organize Translate (no one really knows how to do this with out bothering a dev)
    • If a sufficient wiki-cleanup team has been built by then, maybe even Home and Participate and linked pages...
  • Health coordination
    • Coordinate seattle team with existing efforts (Seth)
    • Get input from facilty, researchers and global health programs
    • Find possibly deployment? (Arjun, seattle contacts, peru contacts)
    • #%!@&# telehealth hardware peripheral (Mel, but Ian needs to give me parts & schematics).
  • Weekly newsletter (oh gosh yes, this needs to happen soon) - (Mel will talk to SJ today... if he comes in)
    • Multi-user drupal *and* a blag in the same venue was too complicated. Scrap the concept or segretate them
      • Mel votes scrap drupal, plonk wordpress down, *BUT* keep drafts of posts on the wiki.
      • How about this infrastructure:
        • - front page is a single wordpress... blog... feed... thing with a steady stream of news. This is just one subwordpress from the multi-user wordpress installation. It's not a planet. Every (static) article that comes out here will have a link at the bottom to the corresponding wiki page with the text of the article for edits and discussion. ("This article text is current as of $DATE. For the most up-to-date version of this article or a discussion, see $WIKIPAGE").
        • - private blogs from peoples. Insert procedure for getting such a blog here. If they think a post of theirs (or someone else thinks a post of theirs) is really good and should get pushed to the front page, they can submit it to the queue on the wiki.
        • - drafts of articles (not written by people on their olpczine private blogs) and links to articles from olpczine private blogs that people want to have pushed to the main feed/blog/whatevers. Insert system for weekly editing, vetting, publishing, blah blah blah here, and another system for determining who has the power to do that sort of thing.

Actually, let's shelve the multi-user thing entirely. Or have it on another site Eh, I like the idea of having community blogs be available, and I see no harm in it. Why do you want to separate them?

  • Testing team (with Greg Dek) my only suggestion is to add a point system like every other bugtracker out there
    • Create point system ala Launchpad, gnome's points, and every other system out there.
  • Some sort of people/community directory
    • Manage our wiki system for 'barnstars' and numerical point systems, see Ubuntu policies on User:pages
    • is out of date; fix it
  • for .xo and .xol files (talk to Noah)
  • Build web based tool for the creation of .xol's
    • python based
    • Make Mel do it
    • Create an awesome video on how to do it
  • Documentation to Facilitate community
    • Iron clad, +screenshots, idiot understandable how-to for sugar-on-ubuntu via ONE COMMAND
    • Easy to understand instructions (scripts and/or packages) for ejabbered mesh server installation/configuration

Long shot, what if

  • Suggest/design elements for the school server
    • mechanism for students browsing their local school server?
    • instant install multi-user wordpress, locally?
  • pilot participation path
    • Allow organizations to either purchase X<100 XO's for trials, or set up support systems for others to do so