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A universe of OLPC.

[^] Reflection

Planning means: Use cases, scalable outcomes. Specifications. Freedoms. Review processes. Transparency.

Direction and vision: Visions. Models. See also [@].

Scope: Multiple scales and perspectives. Consider all of the other elements of the universe as fan and critic. The best perspective changes; write as fan and critic, continually review/consider others.

[x] Coordination

Coordination : Practice (case study biology and health, fill 40 other fields) and Theory (Curate topics and languages; Test and review; Welcome newcomers)

Communication : Real-time input, preserving and revising chat/mail/blogs. Code and spec review. Tracking requests, complaints, insights through stages and channels.

Community : Chapters, topical networks, critics, researchers. Capturing connections, interest, gatherings, enthusiasm. Artefacts, shared joy.

[+] Prioritization

First and second : How to paint a large house without cornering self

Review and ranking : Community and centralized review

[_] Fundament

Services (net): Catalog (small universally shared catalog data used to discover and trace resources), Bullhorn (for announcement propagation) & Presence (a subset?), Context-sharing (send entire context & activity).

Services (other): screen magnification/fullscreen toggle, text to speech, definition/translation of selection, asynchronous message passing, identity checking, link traversal (and 'opening'), plumbing (process data from A with B), "close" button, view source, window cycling.

Independent tools for rendering, caching, and updating.

[.] Core elements

Search : desktop (resources & collections), journal (events & results)

Familiars : tools available at all times, in all contexts. Chat, Stop, Toggle BBoard, Insert resource, Export resource, Save session, Highlight link.

[@] Review

Process review : {System, Community, Interface} evaluation. Expert and children input. Not just for prioritization.

Goals: long-term goals, beyond local milestones.