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Time for wiki spring cleaning. Thanks to Xavi, ABrandi, and Jacobolus for their help.

Software & content ideas

Many parallel pages need merging. There should be roughly one portal into project ideas for tools, one into ideas for content and inspiration, and one into ideas for teaching, use, and connection.

Right now there is much overlap; for instance, typing tutors are discussed in at least these places:

System Software
Typing tutor

Vision organization

Our vision for great hardware, great software, great content, and great collaboration need to be better laid out, available directly from the front page, excerpted in the main portals linked from the sidebar. Also our vision for how the world community can come together, volunteer to take part in the project, and help make it a success in their communities and in those they engage.

Ongoing work

A presentation of not just wishful projects, but ongoing work -- software package development, hardware and software tool honing, testing and integration, content module development, translation and localization, long-term projects for children -- is important. People working on projects should have a standard way to provide updates, and those who want to help should be able to pull information on where things stand and what remains to be done.

To this end, we can use overviews of:

  • Desirable and interesting projects (bootstrapping software; playful/creative content; classroom content; tools for children, developers, teachers),
  • Content topics from a basic education (quality, type, and freeness of materials available in each subject area and each language)
  • Areas of curation -- those filled (contact info for curators) and those needing curators; broken into roughly comparable categories