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Educational Blogger Project - Weekly Update

Week of August 11

  • Final fixes before start of beta test

Week of August 4

Week of July 28

  • Many more UI improvements
  • Write support tested and working on local machine
  • 40% getting abiword installed on the server to support Write upload

Week of July 21

  • Many changes to UI
  • Sync Blog settings finished
  • Several bug fixes to EduBlog (see git log)
  • Bundled fix to install along side Browse
  • Image upload problem patched by Tomeu

Week of July 14

  • After discussing with Tomeu, a viable solution to the image upload bug has been found - need to modify in Web.activity
  • Server up and running, core features all functional
  • Bug preventing image upload really NASTY!!! Diving into sugar code to find a workaround/fix!
  • Server Crashed =(!
  • Fixed cause of Blogger post issue by installing dom extension for php
  • Two Major issues: Journal failure on XO, Blogger Posts not working on server
  • Working on themeing fixes, getting final touches for beta test.
  • Sugar+Primary theme almost IE compatible, pretty much fully Browse and Firefox compatible
  • Moodle had some install issues that need to be fixed
  • Tony got the server up and running with everything needed!

Week of July 7

  • Thinking about auth module
  • All functional elements complete except one script that needs to have specific calls removed
  • Loaded LAMPP On XO with Moodle EduBlog - server to have Moodle later this week!
  • Theme modifications for working on XO - all EduBlog Moodle pages render correctly
  • External Blog Management system complete for (including image support)
  • Teacher Review incorporated into OU Blog

Week of June 30

  • Modified create blog page to link to external blog
  • Created a pre alpha management and add blog page
  • Created Remote Blog API and Plug in
  • Added preview plug-in to tinyMCE Sugar theme
  • Finished with a basic integration of tinyMCE w/ Sugar theme in Moodle

Week of June 23

  • Researched how file upload is handled in Moodle
  • Implemented Image Upload with tinyMCE in mockup
  • Halfway done with integrating tinyMCE with Moodle
  • Implemented customization of student page in mockups for user input
  • Revised Timeline due to delay in XS availability (pushed non-dependent tasks first)

Week of June 16

  • Revised timeline to take some Moodle difficulties into account (tinyMCE integration not officially supported until 2.0)
  • Outlined changes to OU Blog Tables, first step in phase 2
  • Discussed more details of Moodle implementation with Greg to rework admin and teacher mockups
  • Completed Sugar Theme for tinyMCE (IE, FF, Browse compatible! + Easier Moodle integration!) - First Milestone
  • Bug fixes to Image Upload
  • Image upload to blogger mostly finished and being tested by users!

Week of June 9

  • Test server almost ready! Gave suggestions of additional software to Tony
  • Started getting a lot of user feedback (on uruguay-xo-coordination list) and tweaked mockups
  • Figured out how to upload images to Blogger (very little doc!)
  • Reconfigured Moodle with tinyMCE (will be replaced officially in 2.0) and started work on the UI
  • Implemented basic post to Blogger functionality so users can comment on the whole workflow (screenshot)!
  • Git repository set up by Marcel! Organized and uploaded what we had so far
  • Work plan nearly finalized and exact Moodle modifications identified
  • Overall project plan approved by Greg and Martin
  • Finished mock ups of teacher and student pages for end user comments

Week of June 2

  • Initiated process to obtain development XO
  • Started discussion with Martin about the EduBlog project
  • Continued prototyping student editor page (added image upload)
  • Evaluated using Moodle with OU Blog as per Martin's advice (feasible, but requires more discussion)
  • Researched methods for remotely posting to (first target system for remote posting)
  • Revised project plan based on modifications and information from list

Week of May 28

  • Discussed project timeline and milestones with Greg
  • Applied for project hosting with Marcel
  • Set up a hosting account with LAMP to develop until Fedora with XS made available
  • Began developing prototype of student editor page (