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Lista OLPC BoliviaInscribirse aquí OLPC Bolivia list

Sugarlabs Community Catalysts

not so new

presentation at SugarCamp in Cambridge, Oct. 2008
a collaboration effort between the GWU Elliott School of International Affairs Class of 2009 and OLE Bolivia to develop and research Sugar-based Health Education materials.

main OLPC projects I contribute to

past admin of OLPC Sur

OLPC Sur, the list for OLPC discussion in Spanish

OLPC Sur Wiki page

Aymara FestSmall Aymara Tux Penguin Logo

translation event to localize Sugar in the Aymara language, September 5-6, 2008

OLPC Bolivia

de facto maintainer of that country page

XO Solar

over-the-counter solar power solution for the XO

XO Projector


Academic Papers

Links to academic-level reports on the OLPC


What is proven to work, what isn't working, as reported by actual users.

Paper Viewfinder

Paper Viewfinder

Probably the cheapest and simplest solution for a viewfinder for the XO, requires only one 6 cm x 4 cm piece of paper and a piece of adhesive tape. Has the additional advantage that it can be left on the XO, folding down for storage.

How to make the Paper Viewfinder.

Yamaplos 14:06, 11 May 2008 (EDT)

Yama is also often in


OLPC News [[1]]

Have had a | few articles published there, and often comment to posts.

OLPC Uruguay


| server-devel



Great people. My first XO experience, for XO Solar, was on loan from them.


Uruguayan Education Reform book

Breves apuntes para una introducción al cambio en el Sistema Educativo uruguayo, desde una perspectiva centrada en los resultados del proceso educativo, con un enfoque orientado hacia la calidad

1995, in Spanish

Breves Apuntes (Spanish), RTF v. 0.9, 1995, CC-Atr-Der 2008

Version pre 1.0 means there are no links - this is just a copy from the original file that became the paper version. The pagination is askew also.

OLPC News articles

The Nicest Thing for a "Special" Kid in Peru

When Constructivism Hits the Road

OLPC Educational Goals y Otras Hierbas

OLPC Sur: Grassroots in Action

OLPC How To: Solar Powered XO Laptop


Yama's The Medium Is The Message presentation at SugarCamp in Cambridge, Oct. 2008

contact / style

Prof. Mtro. Yamandú Ploskonka y Rivas, DSLL