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Hello Charles, please log in to edit. And please don't include personal information about yourself, or ask people to contact you personally. You are making statements about your work in the Philippines which do not seem to be accurate; please explain them on your userpage.

  • What sort of organization are you setting up in the country? Is it identified formally? You do not have permission to use the OLPC name as part of a personal organization; if you are doing so you must stop immediately.
  • What sort of arrangements are you making with other organizations? You do not represent the work of eKindling with the Lubang pilot; as I understand it they have explicitly asked not to be associated with your work. Please do not misrepresent this.

--Sj talk 02:55, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

Hi SJ,

You have put in a disadvantage as I do not believe we have met.

Yes, its true I am based in Sydney, Australia but so as a lot of supporters of OLPC Philippines.

I think if you had read the information you deleted on the OLPC foundation you will know it is a registered non-stock, non-profit foundation registered in the Philippines with the local Securities and Exchange Commission.

I do not claim to represent or be associated with eKindling. As you will ask them they will confirm this.

Even though eKindling would like to claim I was never involved with the Lubang pilot, it was me who first met with the sponsoring group led by Meg Simpson and Susan Abaya. I was the first person who sold the idea and got Mayor Sanchez's support for it. I was the one who introduced the group to Mitch Seaton from OLPC friends Australia. I helped the group in organising the deployment with the rest of their members in Sydney (Meg is based in Sydney). And only at that point when that I consented to the request of Meg Simpson that they involved eKindling did they come in to assist with the deployment. I must admit without their support the deployment was not possible. However, this does not mean I had nothing to do with the project. Actually, Meg told me one of the conditions given by ekindling to assist the project is to exclude sharing with me any further information with me.

I would appreciate in the future before you remove any information I placed in the Wiki you first consider whether this is right.

I do not do this for ego or neither for fraudent purposes. I trust you have the same values.


-- Charles


Hi Charles, I understand that there are a lot of Philippines nationals and OLPC PH supporters in Australia. That's great. And I understand that you were involved in helping gather support for the original idea, and making the necessary introductions, as Meg has clarified. I hope that together you can publish a balanced history of the Lubang project.

But I don't think the current edit war on the OLPC Philippines page is helping anyone. And whereas eKindling is an active organization with a mailing list, blog, photostream, and lots of third-party verification of their work, you seem to be working alone. If you want an organization you are involved with to be mentioned in the context of OLPC Philippines, please describe it somewhere, including the projects it is working on and who is involved. If this is just a personal project of yours that has never been mentioned in any blog or news source, it's not notable enough for us to list it as an active grassroots effort. Regards, -- Sj talk 22:23, 26 July 2010 (UTC)


Thank you for your concerns on the current edit war that is happening. This could all have been avoided if Mafe stopped removing any references of myself in the wiki. Not once did I remove any information placed by eKindling. Yet for reasons I do not know, she and her group want to exclude any mention of myself with OLPC PH.

However, it appears you have taken the view that I should be excluded on the basis that unlike Mafe's group, I don't have a mailing list, blog, photostream and lots of third-party verification of their work. Now that you have raised this as the criteria, let me meet the requirement to merit staying here by doing the same.

And yes, my group is bigger than one person. Aside from the people I personally know like Meg Simpson and her NCC alumni there's the many other OLPC supporters who are not identified with Mafe's group who are in the silent majority in this effort.

There is a bigger problem you should know be concerned about and that is there are some people who appear to be doing this as volunteer work may be getting a financial gain from it. When I first joined the group 5 years ago to meet the two people running the OLPC Wiki, I had been asked to pay for their travelling fare just to see me. I later found out that they had asked similar "donations" for financial support to cover the cost of their efforts. This was when there was no legal entity existing or even a governance code to observe that will require a public accounting of any donations. This was why I registered the foundation to prevent this abuse.

-- Charles

Hi Charles, I believed from the very start the idea and interest of an XO deployment in Lubang,Mindoro started when Meg emailed about their plan to bring OLPC in Lubang,Mindoro PH. Since I was a support gang and actively doing some RT support, Adam forwarded to me Meg's email in which I directed it to the OLPC_PH, then Meg contacted OLPC_PH. There I believe was the start.

Plz refer to Meg Simpson's email to eKindling on wiki post. Salamat! -- Mafe talk 29:13, 26 July 2010 (UTC)


I do not whether what you tell me is true that you were the first person Meg Simpson approach for the Lubang pilot. Even though you would like to believe I was never involved it was me who discussed the project extensively with Meg Simpson to make a go for it. I was the person who sold the idea to her to do it as an OLPC pilot while your group already had other ideas of a pilot which may not necessarily use an XO laptop. I was the person who met with Susan Abaya in Manila who introduced me to Mayor Sanchez and secured his support for the project. I was the one who introduced Meg to Mitch Seaton from OLPC friends Australia. Together with Mitch, I helped Meg sell the project to her other group members in Sydney and plan the resources required for the deployment. And only at that point when I consented to the request of Meg that they involved your group did you finally came in to assist with the deployment. I must admit without your support the deployment was not possible. However, this does not mean I had nothing to do with the project. Still despite all this, Meg told me one of the conditions given by your group to assist the pilot is to exclude sharing with me any further information about it.

I think in all fairness my name should at least be mentioned in regards to the success of the pilot.

-- Charles


This will be my last post on this, to set straight some of your misconception. First, please take note that I did not say that I was the first person approach by Meg, I just want to make it clear with you that it was Meg who emailed, so from the start she knows OLPC. Second, we don't intentionally erase your post, we need to correct things as not to mislead people and emailing them personally is unfair. If you're the person who is responsible for the introduction we thank you for that. But to claim for the success of the pilot that we can't tell as the pilot is just coming up, there are so many things to do, after that introduction there are already people beyond the team who champion this deployment... The eKindling team core and new volunteers have done tremendous work on this with their own time and resources. Third, know the reason why there's ekindling now, and I believe that the condition that the group gave to Meg is that it's for the group not for you personally, 'that if Meg/NCC will work with eKindling on this project it should be with eKindling only not with 2 organization, since that time you're also representing your foundation, so it's not you personally.

Hope this explains everything! Good luck!

-- Mafe