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Rowen Remis R. Iral Fundamental IT Engineer

OLPC Philippines -

PhilNITS Society


looks for wenmi on irc

Hiya, drop me a line when you're back on the network. Sj talk

Hi :)

FYI found this on OLPC-Nepal's site IRT international funding
Discussed with OLPC Philippines with Aklan's Congressman Miraflorez - cong_ftm (AT) yahoo (DOT) com]
Aklan's previous (12™Congress) Congresswoman/current Vice Gov. Billie Calizo
Kalibo's Vice Mayor Dra. Tambong, Kalibo SB's and Municipal ITC staff - LGUkalibo (at) yahoo (DOT) com
Invited to attend Manila Jam.
Mailing lists
Sent Tim a text file formatted as MediaWiki-page (address-book/note-book/todo-list of Philippine Senators')
Working on a separate list 39 members of House Congressional Committee on Basic Education.

--Chief Mike 09:21, 30 September 2007 (EDT) Note:my prior content's of this section passed to history. :)

drop me a line via talkpage or email?

Hi, Rowen. Sorry it's been so difficult to get hold of me; I've been having a hard time getting online. (By the way, when my IRC nick is mchua|away, it usually means that I'm, well, away.) I'm in San Juan at the moment; I'll be visiting some schools at Cagayan de Oro over the weekend, but will be back on Tuesday, and we should catch up. Can you drop me an email or talk page message and let me know what's going on? Thanks, Mchua 01:47, 18 October 2007 (EDT)