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OLPC PH ilippines Pilot School proposal(s)

Hi Mel, kumasta :) Kalibo Elementary School II / Aklan Special Education Center is trying 2 be THE Pilot School here in the Rural:Philippines we are willing to work with Don Bosco to get this going and myself, along with the Teachers are in the process of writing up a proposal OLPC_Philippines_Unang_Liwanag and will try to finish it today for your info. PS: My school server is starting to come together (mostly using my own personal funds) Additional 2 80GB HDD's, DVD Writer, 1GB DDR2 Ram(more later?) UPS, PSU, etc... we have a cable tv installed but are waiting for Internet sometime soon (a lack of funds) that all4Now --Chief Mike 11:06, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

--Chief Mike 09:32, 4 April 2008 (EDT) The ball is rolling down here FYI also xposted to User:Sj Talk


(Sorry about the long response time; IMSA has ridiculously busy). My plan is essentially to begin learning Python by the end of this year and have it learned sometime during June in addition to whatever graphical stuff I'd need to know. Since you have dev experience, you can choose between PyGTK or PyGame (cause personally I have no clue, PyGTK was the only one I had heard of).

I'll definitely be around IL for the majority of Summer, so we can try working on it, but I'd suggest starting on it late June to early July. I'd also like to have Meg involved in the design of it, as she has research on that sort of stuff and was planning on building something similar. I imagine she'll probably be around during the Summer too.

Either way, sounds great! Ilyanep 19:13, 5 April 2008 (EDT)

Internet Filtering for XO or Schools

Our company provides kidsnet parental controls ( and we wish to donate the URL filter database to OLPC to help keep kids away from web sites that may be detrimental to their development (we believe it is a better list than SmoothGuardian, Corporate Guardian, and others).

Can you provide me the contact info for who we should speak with?



Bob Dahlstrom, CEO BluePrint Data Architecting a Better Internet 2002 San Marco Blvd, Suite 201 Jacksonville, FL 32207 +1-904-398-1911

Bob, can you give me an email address that I can reach you at? Mine is listed on my talk page if you want to do it privately. I'm hearing-impaired and usually don't do phone calls. Also, the person you may want to talk to is SJ Klein, who heads up content for OLPC. Mchua

Thanks Mel!!!!

Hey Mel, wanted to send you a note of thanks.. Finally got my XO OLPC up and on line w/the latest version of sw.. Took me some time and had to purchase a brand new factory clean USB Mem stick (all my others were freebies w/something loaded on them that seemed to inhibit the usb boot)... But none the less - w/ new sw (build 656 - from 650). I easily accessed my linksys wrt54gs v5.0... Thanks again! one suggestion - i was able to get to the olpc pages - hard wired into modem port - but had problems 1. down loading and 2 navigating the fedora linux - i'm not real savvy - but persistent - as i'm sure other olpc users are.. maybe more help - simple terminal/os level commands - particularly the os level and root type commands? just a thought - but i spent hours in my basement plugged into my router trying to download s/w - finally had to use my trusty hp laptop to get sw on to the usb.... but - i love my xo machine - and believe the program is fantastic - inspired me to jump in!! Thank you again mel! best regards 0 Tim --

I would like to know about the Health jam

Also a simple email address would be nice - these wiki pages are cute but do now really put people in touch Health jam does not seem to have places, times or schedules - I do not have a team and having never been in a jam do not see why there are teams - smlewis at lordjoe dot com

Review squad

Application is at DeSalvionjr 13:46, 20 April 2008 (EDT)

Power activity

Hey there, if you need any help with writing or documenting the Power activity I'd be happy to help. Is the project in GIT yet? Does it require specialized hardware?


Normally admin requests are left up for a full two weeks. I don't mind reducing the time a bit, now that we are getting more frequent requests; but would't want to start in the middle of a nomination. --Sj talk 21:18, 8 May 2008 (EDT)

Tools for XO repair

I read your "XO Repair Depot" project page. Having just recently disassembled and reassembled mine, I suggest you add tweezers to your toolkit -- some of the screws are in tight places and tend to get wedged under stuff once you've loosened them. Also, one of those cheap 7-day pill boxes is a great way to keep the various types of screws sorted separately.

I'm looking forward to further installments of your "developer tutorials" -- I need a native guide through that territory!



ILXO office

Is ILXO looking for office space in the Boston area? Or in IL? -- AuntiMame 20:50 12 May 2008

Bootcamp poster

Very cool :) . Good luck with that!HoboPrimate 21:40, 15 May 2008 (EDT)

Power activity

Hey Mel, how's your Power activity coming along? wade 21:03, 18 May 2008 (EDT)

Not a repair center... but interested in stocking parts

Mel, I thought you might like to know this about the request for parts that I've had at -- keyboards, keyboards, and more keyboards. No requests for screens as people with damaged screens probably contact help@ rather than look to replace themselves. Also, I'm willing to place bulk orders and stock stuff for the repair centers (no markup, just parts & shipping) if the centers want to buy in smaller lots than can be had from Brightstar/Quanta. User:AuntiMame 23may08 09:48 ET


Have you seen ?

You should mention it on the main page of your own wiki family tree project and illuminate the differences between yours and the other. If the other is accomplishing what you envisioned, then you might suggest merging data.

The old Wiki Family Tree page is a proposal for a SoCon 2007 project that was never picked up - I've added the link in case someone else wants to check it out later. Thanks! Mchua 14:54, 27 May 2008 (EDT)


Thanks for your support for my nomination to adminship, I will wear the badge of the mop-n-bucket brigade with pride. :-) Cjl 20:49, 28 May 2008 (EDT)


Mel, could you please as community-comm-coordinator fast-track dealing with this? Yamaplos 14:28, 3 June 2008 (EDT)


Pilot School Proposal in Baja California Mexico

Hi Mel, my name is Julio Villegas, and I am really interested in promoting a pilot program in my state. I work for the State Government of Baja California in the state education system IT department. My job has little to do with education programs, but the main reason of my initiative is because i am doing a Master in IT, and my thesis is focused on assesing the technology that OLPC developed, and to elaborate an implementation plan for my state. I hope you can point me in the right direction, because i am looking for xo laptops, and i have already done some work promoting its use in my home state. I have put a blog ( and have received feedback from people that are willing to participate. I also have talked with a congressman here that is already promoting nationwide implementation of OLPC technology in Mexico. How can i obtain 200 xo laptops for doing the pilot program (and my research)? I have already spoken with education authorities here, and are willing to help me in everything but financially. I am also doing some fund raising with local companies, and applying for some financing from the federal government for science and education projects. I hope you can help me!

javillegas at jvillegas at

Fast reverts

Just part of our "awesomeness services" packages, ma'am. . . pesky little bot-like thing hit users and talk pages from "recent changes" log twice today, earlier run was all biblical verse, the second one was apparently brought to you by the letter "E". Cjl 21:05, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

OLPC Indonesia

Hello, Mel..

I am a new member of OLPC, and I want to contribute since I'm interest in this program. Can you eplain to me what does your plan for OLPC Indonesia? Thank you before.

Review_squad_recruitment_letter ?? messy page with no categories? Bad Mel! tsk tsk! Fix or move to your user space! Seth 12:04, 16 July 2008 (UTC)

Categorize!!! Seth 12:04, 16 July 2008 (UTC)

Preinstalled_XS Unless you document out your idea to a place where it is: Discoverable, actionable, and categorized, all you've done is add to clutter on the wiki.

I have a draft in mind for a culture-wide 'feature' called Factoring. The idea is that as a community or a culture, we need to start logging down our ideas in ways that enable collaboration and mass participation. Say I came upon your page as a volunteer, what action items are on the page? How can I contribute to a conversation? Is it ok to reply on the wiki? Will that notify you of changes to the page? No, not really.

The better and more scalable answer is that if we have ideas like this, that we log them in such a way that others can participate. So in this example I would add things like:

  • This Project/Idea is unmaintained
    • Mel Chua came up with this idea and had logged it but will never have time to get back to it
  • If you would like to implement this idea, do:
    • Build a school server on inexpensive hardware
    • Log your results on installing the XS on readily available commercial grade hardware that is inexpensive.

Alternatively you could discuss alternatives, or created the structure for them:

  • What if we created a xen image of an XS and served up a new one to anyone who wanted one online?
    • Would this satisfy anyone's needs and/or use cases for developing on the XS?

You aren't just a green volunteer who has show up on the wiki. People like you have a responsibility to fix and build infrastructure, before little/fun projects are allowed to happen.

I hope that my comments were constructive.

-Seth 05:31, 17 July 2008 (UTC)


Hi Mel, We're working on the invite list for the BookSprint and SJ mentioned your name for the repair doc you've been doing. I'm hoping to add a repair chapter to the Floss Manuals XO guide, and we'd love your presence at the booksprint and any cycles you can spare to collect/gather/place content in beforehand would be great.

The dates we're considering are either the last week of August or the first week of September in Austin - does either week sound better to you? Thanks, Anne Gentle

Hi again Mel - for a BookSprint, Floss only invites those we can hope to get travel and hotel and food costs for. So don't let cost deter you, you'll have to come up with a minimal amount. Are you required to be in Boston the last week of August? Thanks, Anne


Hello, I'm Braziliam,, I livig in somerville -MA. tel: 617 869 4938 next year I'll back to Brazil, I would like make a diference for my people. I know they need me and I need my people, I have degree in computer. I'm ready to help, I knew you have a lot to do, but I can help. just give a change to learn , repair and develop , you see what can I do, thank.

Hi there - would you mind sending me an email so that I can get in touch with you? My email is on my user page.

design gang proposal

I've posted a proposal for image upload file structure and categorization. OLPC:Design_gang/proposed_file_structure AuntiMame 14:41, 14 September 2008 (UTC)

J.C., a long-time user, is asking for short-term guidance.

I've had my XO for months now, and am using it, but would like to be more in control of it.

I want to know how to:

1) Back up and restore the OS

2) Get proficient at downloading and installing the latest stable Sugar build

3) Improve upon the Adobe-like PDF reader (it has very crude fonts)

4) Enable Flash (or a reasonable workaround)

5) Learn Linux more.

Just pointing me to some support links would help. I would also like to email questions and my continuing sloooowness in learning to do more with my XO.

I also might be able to edit some documentation--I'm a excellent editor and a good writer.

J.C., can you shoot me an email so I have some contact information for you? I'd be glad to get you started. My email is available on my user page.

Dead Laptop

Mel, My wife and I bought two laptops in December 2007, one for charitable giving, one for our grandchildren. The latter one has died. I went through the process of checking why the screen doesn't come on (trying without and with battery) and got it to light up very briefly before it died again. I'm not very good at chasing hardware problems, but would like to get the machine going again. My wife would like to introduce it to a class of teachers at Salem State College. Can you help? I could bring it to you.

Rob French Marblehead, MA


Hi Mel,

I have a 10 year old son who received and XO for christmas 2007. He was not able network with anyone. He was not able to get on line and access the website that he wanted so basically it has been sitting on the shelf.

I realize there is updated software that can be downloaded but I'm really clueless in that department. Wondering if you would have time to update his computer so that he would be able to get some use out of it.

Would be happy to pay a fee so that he could get some use out it. Let me know.


Lauren Wakefield, MA


"There is something about a bureaucrat that does not like a poem." Gore Vidal

mchua, your b-crat nomination has been closed (successfully), go forth and prove Gore Vidal wrong by exercising your b-crattitude with a poetic flair. cjl 23:00, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

New Project

Hi Mel, My name is Rob Balch and I am retired and live in Costa Rica. There is a school near here that is very poor and has 20 kids from 1st to 6th grade. We are trying to help them upgrade by donating white boards, supplies, building shelves for books, etc. I have been interested in the OLPC program for a while now, and I would like to try to implement it here. The school I am familiar with is just one of many, so this could be a much larger project than just the one school. I would love to put these laptops in the kids hands, but how can I make the first step? Also, what is the cost? My time and effort, of course, would be voluntary, but I also cannot afford to buy everyone a laptop. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Rob Balch

Costa Rica is an interesting country to get involved, since it has some historical ties with Papert-school projects. --Sj talk

New admins

Please vote on the latest admin noms when you have a moment :-) --Sj talk 22:23, 18 December 2009 (UTC)

Nicaraguan pilot contact with Gallaudet?

They recently published their presentation :-) S.

Interestedur help .. in helping the open source projects

hello , This is nitesh I am quite new to the open source contribution group so needed your help.. Hoping to listen from you asap..

Interestedur help .. in helping the open source projects

hello , This is nitesh I am quite new to the open source contribution group so needed your help.. Hoping to listen from you asap..