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이 페이지는 OLPC 노트북 위에서 작동되는 비디오에 관한 내용입니다. OLPC 프로젝트의 비디오, 노트북 등도 참조하십시오.

노트북 네트워크 상에서의 비디오 스트리밍

We want to be able to store video on school servers [finding the right address/location], and stream it from them. We want to support recording video from XO to server, viewing video from server to XO (2-min video clips large enough to be buffered on-XO in their entirety) and hopefully streaming video from server to XO (30-minute videos).

큰 비디오 파일

One large media provider for this test has sent us 600G of video, with more coming tomorrow, for use in countries month. A copy of the video is going to Real, who are trying to get streaming to work as well; but it would be great to have theorur (for instance) working and streaming .ogg for us. Hopefully Juba can be of assistance here.

비디오 액티비티

There is a draft activity which records video and can play video back. It doesn't support streaming at the moment, because of troubles getting Theora to stream. MJPEG may be a less computationally intensive choice.


  1. Get Theora streaming over a school server in a way that works from an XO browser. Talk to Juba about theorur for this.
  1. Figure out how said streaming works with local cache -- if you're streaming an hour-long video, avoiding overwhelming memory or disk.
  1. Define the recommended max size and max bitrate for video (easy if we're not streaming; for streaming, worry about local caching and network throughput.)

흥미로운 비디오 컨텐트

어린이가 촬영한 것

  • Recordings from the XO camera
  • Recordings from an external camera plugged in via USB


  • the Qatsi trilogy: Koyaanisqatsi, et al
    The creator and director has expressed interest in sharing some of these works, and of his Anima Mundi short
  • Baraka
  • Old b&w film


  • Science: Cosmos, Nova
  • Sesame Street and localizations
  • Music
  • Mr. Roger's Neighborhood