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Drupal upgrade process

Steps to upgrade Drupal: suggestions welcome

  1. Locally: Download and untar the new release
  2. Locally: Copy new release over checked out repository
  3. Locally: Commit changes to branch drupal-next
  4. Locally: Push changes to crank in drupal-next branch.
  5. laptop2: Pull from origin/drupal-next to master
  6. laptop2: Run database update script from webif (needs to be done as "admin" or with disabled check)
  7. laptop2: Look at the main few pages and make sure there are no major errors
  8. laptop1: Make a backup of the current database, and web directory. (latter is sort of redundant, since we use git, but not all files are in VCS)
  9. laptop1: Pull from origin/drupal-next to master
  10. laptop1: Run database update script…
  11. laptop1: Verify new site works as expected

If the site does not work as expected, we git revert to the old codebase, and if worst comes to worst we still have the old database backup and full www backup.