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The OLPC site has passed through a few iterations.

2004 Media Lab site

This site was maintained by Walter at the Media Lab. Some versions of it are still preserved online.

2005 OLPC site

This site (now at, which had been donated to us) was maintained by Walter and translated by volunteers into many languages.

2007 site redesign

Design by Pentagram

The main page was transformed into a single giant OLPC logo. On hovering the mouse cursor over the logo, each part of the rebus was captioned by a brief name (vision, laptop, participate, children). The site had a navigation header, again the logo, with a menu of pages associated with each.

For a brief time the "Participate" menu redirected people to the OLPC Foundation (which at that time was a small group focused on donations).

2009 site survey

In preparation for a redesign, Upstatement carried out an OLPC website audit, reviewing the site's pages, users, sister sites, and more distant relatives across the OLPCverse.

2010 site redesign

Design by Upstatement, advised by Pentagram

Individual stories worth sharing

  1. West Bank and Gaza
  2. Kenya: Takaungu
  3. Uruguay: Deployments (artigasx2, colonia)
    1. Uruguay: Cardal
  4. Peru
  5. Nepal
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Rwanda: Nonko School
    (later: Nicaragua: Bluefields)
  1. Paraguay: Caacupe
  2. Mongolia
  3. Madagascar: Sekoly Lova School
  4. Sierra Leone: Sahn Malen
  5. Sao Tome e Principe
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. Colombia: Soacha
  8. Nigeria: Galadima
  9. Ethiopia

Stories and images

June Photos

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

1 - Young boys studying together at home. Outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal
2 - (also part of that photo series)
3 - Two girls read on the playground. Kenema, Sierra Leone
4 - Class collaboration. Ramallah, West Bank
5 - Heading home from school. Ramallah, West Bank
6 - Heading home from school. Ramallah, West Bank
7 - Exploring activities in class. Takaungu, Kenya
A group of students explores activities in a Takaungu school, from Mazes to recording sound and video to simple programming activities.
8 - (part of the same series)
Two students practice making and sharing recordings. From OLPCorps in the summer of 2009.
9 - Sharing discoveries. Hunacavelica, Peru

Pentagram mockup, May

Recent revisions: May 24.

Images to review as potential full-homepage material:

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7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15

Story text

1 - an engine for learning
On a chilly evening in Luquia, Peru, Alejandra watches as her son Miguel sits outside their house, his face illuminated by the light from his XO. "This computer is going to be a very good thing for learning."
2 - (part of the same story)
Justo Miguel Común is a fifth-grader, and is the youngest of seven children of subsistence farmers. Two weeks after getting his laptop, he was taking it everywhere. "I like the math games, and I love the camera."
3 - motivation to explore
Seven-year-old Idelma types "Idelma ama a mamá" into her XO, and wiggles with pleasure as the computer's voice read her sentence back. Her teacher Inga:, "This really motivates them, and makes it easier for kids to advance at their own pace."
4 - children and teachers learning together
In the weeks before XOs arrived at this school, the teacher had requested retirement. After seeing them in use for a week, she asked to delay her retirement date, to take part in the project.
5 - recovering from an earthquake
the Puyang Primary School, in Sichuan, took in many of the students who were affected by the massive earthquake in May 2008. 1,000 of those students received XO laptops in 2009.
6 - at home in Uruguay
7 - On the coast in Oceania
In smaller towns in Oceania, children of all ages learn together in school. Some classes collaborate by videochat with classes in Australia.
8 - Mongolian schools discover the Internet
9 - XOs make it to Gaza
This Spring, 2100 laptops were distributed to Gaza students. They finished their first classes with XOs in three months, and ran a popular event to show off their work.
10 - Relaxing in the field
Two girls read together in a field in Peru, from an early pilot school
11 - Reading outside at home

These boys spent part of an afternoon outside using their laptops in Colombia

12 - Exploring the science of rivers

Students take photos and recordings for a class science project in Peru

13 - Preparing for biology
A teacher in Rwanda takes photos of plants to prepare for her class in a Kigali workshop
14 - Laughing together
Three young students work together on the curb outside school in Brazil
15 - Drawing pictures outside
A young boy draws outside on the sidewalk in Flor de Ceibo, Uruguay