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IE Issues

  • Using Arial/Helvetica
    • [JN] Waiting for license from to run directly from
  • extra space in left-hand button on mainpage
    odd buttons on the left inside captions

Winter 2011

Bug and content requests

Main page

  • [JN]Clicking on an image should move to the next one.
  • [JN]A "country details" link should be visible for all images -- perhaps in the headline of the caption, so it is visible when open or closed. This should go to the /map/countryname detail page. <-- Need to update DB to see this on staging

Text & Content

strikeouts are now fixed

  • Spread the Word.... is there a reason why Facebook and Twitter links shouldn't be here too?
    • [JN] Totally, started a page here: Please add to it (with maybe some info on how users can interact w/ each). Once it's in a good place you can add it to the nodequeue for take-action/spread-the-word
  • Translate... it might be nice to have an intermediate page explaining the translation process and how Pootle works that would then link on to the Sugar Labs page.
  • typo in story about gaza and ramallah... "others schools" should be "other schools."
  • Can we use a word like "Videos" instead of the misspelled and inaccurate "Commericals" ? At:
  • links to Italy/Malaysia etc incorrect. Working wiki links would be better and/or yet vivid sites like:
  • A new page on the Association (org and board)
    • A subpage on support offered to countries (review by Bob)
    • A subpage on the Internships (text from Leah)
  • A new page on our education and learning focus (practical examples of claudia/barbara's work)
  • [LF] Updated Timeline from the old site
  • Updated Media page including more from


  • Include a link to /admin .
  • Include a link from /admin, right where you sign in, and similarly from the user login page (since the dashboard is for non-admins too)
    If anyone can use parts of the dashboard without logging in, we should make a link to it appear in the overall sitenav
  • Set up two views of 'news to review' - one for 'preferred news feeds' and the other for 'google alerts / all feeds'.


  • Community section needs a category for volunteers.
  • There are other school partnerships such as UCSB:Zambia. These should be added to the community page at Mapping events!
  • Country websites could include: Mochilla Digital (Mexico), &c.


  • Popup Menus like "- all locations -" unreadable (they flow off the top of the screen) @
  • The Map webpage ( shows varying results after each reload, usually after 2 reloads you will see only one location (Iran) on the map.
  • Dropdown menus to filter news and community should be highlighted somehow. Try header-size text for "Filter", or color for the default community menus.
    • The section headers on the community page could use color as well, to break the page up - olpc blue?

content admin

  • [JN]: Fix this so it works for publish, delete, edit, etc.
  • [JN]: Do imagecache images regenerate? how to make it happen.
  • Content Admin Accounts for all OLPCers
    • Yes: /admin/build/imagecache/list (these are all URLs, so we should be able to make a cron job out of it)
  • [LF]: Footer link to Dashboard
  • [JN]: Link to site manual from Dashboard
  • [JN]: Move readme to Drupal page

section "summary"

  • Prevent duplicates from being submitted
  • autopublish/two different views for approving news -- one for approving news from people like; and one for everything else (googge news alerts, etc).
    • [LF] both require approval, but they should be filterable
  • [JN] Bulk delete
  • Change the logic for when something is listed as "OLPC Blog" (better use of three fields: source url/source publisher, and link url).

section "news"

  • This should be called blog not news
    Agreed that the title is awkward, but blog conflicts with our Wordpress-powered blog. We should resolve this before renaming, IMHO. LFaraone 23:45, 7 February 2011 (UTC)
  • We should draw in the tag cloud from the source page.
  • Does not correctly copy over the author of the post
  • The KEY is overwritten by blog posts at the bottom, and readers don't see it first anyway. ("Blue: OLPC Blogs...")
  • [JN] Add explicit height/width to image tag to prevent oversized flash
  • [LF] spam control (mod: antispam with akismet etc)
  • [LF] recent comments
  • [LF] rss feeds for recent posts, tags, etc
  • [JN] investigate published/unpublish bug
    • Note: this bug is becoming a real nuisance. I found at least 5 more posts affected by it recently, at least one did was not even tagged as 'updated', so that may be a red herring. -sj
    • It's weird, I'm not able to reproduce this bug on my local version -- what user are you signed-in as? - JN
    • As user:sj.
  • investigate auto-publish bug - on the current instance, all feeds autopublish.

section "stories"

  • [JN]Link to country details page should be placed above the back to stories link
  • [JN] Add additional spacing between "hide caption" and "next photo". We want NP to pop more at the user than HC, since hiding is a rarer action.
  • [JN] We need a sort of "progress bar" to say which photo we are on (perhaps placed right next to the title) ... use dots to indicate which picture you are on in the series.
  • [JN] Scroll (only works 100% on chrome on mac)
  • Make it possible to share photos b/t stories and country-detail pages
  • Offer an "add story" button?

section "map"

  • Make sure images are editable (review the process for adding new ones as well)
  • [JN] Wrap long country names, these currently get cut off!
  • Offer a page showing all country-detail pages (with a gallery of thumbnails?), perhaps linked from the map
  • Adding new images make it possible to browse/reuse your image library
    • e.g., make it possible to reuse images from stories from that country
  • SVG prototype: [1]

Section: 'Community'

  • [JN]When submitting link, optionally create user account
  • Create holding page for links so we can avoid 'save' bug
    • [JN] make it possible to go back and edit link info you have submitted (should be owned by your acct)
  • signin process: something closer to than ?
  • whitespace: when a section title starts a line, there is extra whitespace before it. Make the whitespace a separate, blank "bubble" with a breaking space between it and the section title to avoid this.
  • [JN] bug: when a community link ends with a space, the bubble rendering breaks on win/chrome, linux/chrome and linux/ff, and likely other combinations. fix this and strip whitespace both.

sign up

  • include link to sign-in to the drupal site.
  • return to regular updates, linked to a visual calendar of events.
  • include some more interactive piece there - a link to the facebook page and twitter feed + list.

getting started

  • [JN]offer a rollover variation, like the rollover variation of the logo text?

using activities

  • The 2nd row, 4th column icon is for Paint, not Measure, which the link points to.
  • The 3rd row, 3rd column icon is for Paint, points to the activity under an old name, Draw.
  • The 3rd row, 1st column icon is for Write, but points to a line between Distance and Calculate, not to Write, which is after Pippy on the page.
  • [LF] move this to a drupal + php thing

Overall Functionality

  • I tried the subscribe to newsletter feature. 30 minutes later and no confirmation yet. Will update when it comes. (ratepoint doesn't send confirmations; to fix via their interface)

Other features needed

  • [JN] .ico icons for news items
  • processing of flickr / youtube / dailymotion feeds (both alerts? based on search result and popularity? and our groups) --> blog posts
  • list of feeds (miprove on p.l.o)
  • retest main page on IE
  • different design for XO browsers,
  • IE (corners)
  • Paypal integration with donor feed (ask)
  • [LF] upgrade all modules
  • [LF] cronjob to backup images, don't include in git
  • [LF] copy over database from one to staging

Related wiki and other site work

  • A wiki page for tracking config changes made on staging.l.o to be ported to w.l.o.
  • A way to submit a site for inclusion in the planet / our news feed


Site manual

  • Text/readmes for files
  • General user's manual

Other issues and future ideas

Browser improvements

  • [JN]Sort dropdowns failing on IE/Win and IE/Mac.
  • Different lozenge sizes for the sort dropdowns
  • We want to drop all text to the left of sort dropdowns, and have the lozenges left-aligned
  • The community page needs some color
  • Take action needs to unify on one size for fonts and numbers, a second for headings, and one lozenge size.
  • Get 300px square photos for people
  • Get 50 additional comm links for new categories


  • Begin url redirection process (have drop-in replacement for rdr file)
    Make an rss feed of just blog posts, to replace existing one.
    "subscribe to OLPC blog posts" "subscribe to all news updates"
  • Fix feeds: google feeds should not have the link through google, but the raw link to source
  • Update the timeline (LF?)
  • Add calendar (Xtian's earlier idea)

Future tasks

  • Global search box -- maybe a canonical white lozenge / gray border in the upper-right at the level of the sort dropdowns
  • Link to activities from community page (projects? other olpcMAP ideas)
  • Review style and structure of the 'About' section; make initial landing page denser (deep links to wiki:Support, wiki:MainPage, the blog)
  • Consider layout style for long pages: people, stories (once there are 30), jobs, &c. Can we keep the whole site to single-screen layouts on desktops? consider in-page scrolling as on Take Action.


  • Edit titles/descs. in photos.
  • Comm: Make RSS feed from Trac that Drupal can read to create nodes.
  • Comm: Have a better ajax form to guide people submitting site links/details.
  • Action: After donation, thank you should return you to page with you amount donated (info received from paypal).

Style guidelines

  • About: Overview page?
  • About: Use of a combo intro video (rather than the two 1-min ones)? Spanish translation exists (RA).
  • Color style guide

Alignment questions

  • How do we align the top of the nav / video / text for the 'about' main page?
  • How do we align different rounded boxes on the 'about' pages?
  • Should the nav at the bottom be identical to the top, but left-aligned? right-aligned?
  • Where should the right/left margin of the "Stories" page be (at the smallest, now that the page expands/shrinks to match screen width)?

Alpha testing (older)


  • News: News items
  • Story: Story Links
  • About: People photos
  • Map: Update count automatically


  • Final staff photos
  • Action: Pull in PayPal from page
  • Action: Looser spacing on display Text
  • Action: Wrap on content
  • Action: Other ways to help (right sidebar)
  • Action: Capsule link hover states
  • Action: Posters: use last poster as link
  • Action: Drop Banner Ads
  • Action: Donor data from Robert
  • Action: PayPal feed (not alpha)
  • Action: Cheat bold? Cheat color? Gold links inside Billboard
  • Comm: Tooltips
  • News: Add Share tools
  • News: Fix tag links
  • News: Remove Filter by (in the news)
  • News: Import WordPress (repeatably)
  • News: Create RSS feed of blog posts
  • Map: Feed to Flash, readme
  • Map: zoomed text
  • Map: Coloring pixels in on mouseover at the top level, when moving about quickly
  • Gen: Dashboard page (how to update)
  • Gen: 404 page update

Open issues

General browser compat

Developed on Mac/Chrome, currently has bugs on other platforms. Known issues on

  • Chrome on Linux (occasionally)
  • FF on all platforms (" ")
  • IE on all platforms. overall load time (on Win).

Issue Browser Status URL
Lozenge padding IE, mainly Lozenges chunky, take up too much space
Lozenge rounding IE No rounding; just rectangles.
Sort dropdowns not appearing IE/Win (IE 6?) Nothing shows up at top of page. Note that on other browsers it takes too long for this to appear, it loads last?
left-hand bar obscures footer FF on Win and Ubuntu The footer is obscured and you can't scroll down enough to see it [3]


  • All 40 photos in 15 story-clusters needed (MM)
  • Better navigation among photos needed.
    • Clearer connections between photos in a series
  • Navigation among photos in a series and between series
    • Clear arrows pointing to updates