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  • Todo lo demas que no encaja bien en las secciones actuales.

Algunos links a mas: Table of Contents

Otras ofertas de contribucion.

  • design thoughts (christian)
  • workshop blog-links (elana/jul)
  • squeak ideas from nepal jam (bryan b)
  • story from the lines (adam)
  • story from chuck about exchanging XO for delivery timing, (Chuck Schwartz)

(Reoccurring themes, will generate future feature sections)


(Also see discussion page for details on what's to come !)

Repaso de. . . ..

  • Other announcements, Newly formed or active project updates.
  • spolight on Activity or project.

Introducing grassroots groups (possibly spotlight 1-2)

  • India
  • Peru(?)
  • Nepal
  • Philippines
  • Austria (case-sewing party)
  • Taiwan
  • USA
    • SeaXO
    • CMU games
    • MIT media lab (Mako, etc.)
    • Olin?
    • IMSA?

Nuevaas ideas del projecto

Welcoming committee, new user greeter -- is desperately needed !

  • Mchua has a good start to one: User:Mchua/Volunteers_portal
    • new volunteer
    • Devel
    • project creation
    • xo user groups

Documentation on redirection ideas

  • Ask question, redirection to proper channel
  • Goto list for redirection