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This is a tutorial on how to put notes on the wiki, from a meeting or otherwise. Please clean up and help make this better.

Go to a page - the [[OLPC Chicago]] page will work. Click the "edit" tab.

Note - shorthand syntax: [[Page name]] --->

You'll see the text of the page become editable wiki markup - it should still be
 pretty readable, and you can see what things mark...

== Headings ==

* lists
* of
* items,

[http://lin.ks and link text],

[[and wiki links]].

The latter is what you want to make. Find a good spot where you can list your link
- perhaps in "past events" a good bullet point to add would be the meetup you
 just came from - and add a bullet point.

* '''This text shows up in bold. It's good to put the date here.''' - description 
of what happened and where, and somewhere you can decide on a
[[Good title for your wiki page]] and put it in double brackets.

Then click the 'save' button. You'll see the text you just added with the stuff 
in [[double brackets]] now displayed as a link, in red.

Click that.

It should open up the edit page for a new wiki page - your page. Paste all your 
stuff there, and click "save."

hint: Putting

== headers ==

(double equals-signs)

at the start of each topic is a good idea for making things easier to read. Also,
enclosing text in <pre> tags makes the stuff inside preformatted, and is really good 
for code.