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We have 17 out of 200 content packages (as of 9am on 8/3/07). Help us!

Welcome, Wikimaniacs!

You may have noticed tiny green laptops sprouting up around the Open Space in room 319. Yes, those are the OLPC XO laptops, and yes, you can play with them - please play with them!

We're looking for volunteers to help us with a number of things for the project, from coding to outreach to open content development and curation for the Library. The main Participate page has a few ways to get started; there are also some Wikimania-specific activities going on, and SJ Klein and Mel Chua are running around the conference in general - come find us!

This page is under construction; we're adding to it throughout the event.

OLPC Wikimania Events

OLPC @ Open Space

In general, when we're not in sessions, we'll be hanging out in a corner of the open space in 319 playing with laptops, talking to people, brainstorming ideas for content, and making packages for the Library. Please come by and join us!

CCTaiwan Free Content Jam

Run by Bob Chao during Hacking Days. See Free Content Jam Taipei for more information. Teams of hackers build learning materials for children in less than two days, with local students coming in on the last day to test the things we've made. Join us!

OLPC and addressing systemic bias

SJ Klein is giving a talk (session 301) from 14:45-15:45 during the first day of presentations (Aug. 3) in the Hall. Come join the conversation!

Summer of Content and Jams

SJ Klein and Mel Chua are presenting on the Summer of Content and Jams programs on the second day of presentations (Aug. 4) - come to session 705 from 13:15-14:15 in room 334 to find out what we're talking about!

How you can help

Also see Participate.

Make content packages

We need .xol files of existing quality free content for the Library (also see that kids can download and use - especially wonderful if they're in different languages.

Goal: 200 packages by the end of Wikimania.

  1. Find some cool free content you think kids would like - make sure it's available under an open license. This can be content you've made yourself, content on your project, photos from flickr, stories from project gutenberg, articles from Wikipedia, music... anything!
  2. Package it up in convenient small-size chunks - aim to be under 20mb; the smaller, the better (efficient use of space is good).
  3. Follow the Creating a content bundle instructions to make an .xol. Ask Mel or Sj if you need help.
  4. Upload your bundle to the OLPC wiki. You'll have to create an account to do so.
  5. Create an entry for your library file in the Library grid.
  6. You're done! (Make another one!)


  • Help us translate the Summer of Content pages!
  • Translate a page on the wiki - here's how.
  • Help with an ongoing translation or set up a page to be translated
  • Get an existing content package from the Library grid and create a version of the same in your native language - upload it alongside the original.
  • Join the Translation community - they have some projects that need help.


  • We're looking for Summer of Content mentors and Summer of Content organizations to advise and sponsor interns for the Summer of Content 2007 program and the upcoming Southern Summer of Content in December and beyond, as well as sponsors to help fund intern stipends (currently $500 per intern for the whole summer). Can you help? Make a mentor or organization profile. Also see our session #705 on Day 2 of Wikimania, in room 334.
  • We're looking for groups to contact and people to work with on open content for the laptop in many different languages from as many countries and organizations. Come by and help us brainstorm and reach out!

Start or join a community