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XO Korea is developing ONLY a game: XO City, & NO relation with the OLPC Foundation.

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This is an ongoing writing

This is a rough draft. We hope that, when the number of XO contracted reaches a predefined quantity,XO Korea will make an order to the OLPC Foundation for their delivery.

Please freely add your opinion on the discussion page, especially about;

  1. what kinds of services XO Korea will provide
  2. what XO Korea shall do to develop applications (activities) or to promote the development in Korean open source communities.

Delivery Agreement Between An Organization and XO Korea

This agreement is, about providing XO laptops to (the organization), between (an organization) and XO Korea, which is an Open Source community and non-profit organization registered under the Korean law, and of which role is to develop and provide applications (activities) and architectures making use of XO laptops, school servers, and their variations.

  1. Quantity:
  2. Delivery Date:
  3. Price:
    1. Laptops:
    2. Transportation:
  4. Down Payment:
  5. Payment Plan:
  6. XO Service:
    1. Repair:
    2. Substitution:

XO Korea will do its best effort to deliver XO laptops ordered by (the organization) based on goodwill. All payments shall be made directly to the OLPC Foundation, and there is No Payment at all to XO Korea related to the delivery of XO laptops and other services.

The role of XO Korea is to link (the organization) and the OLPC Foundation, and help (the organization) to participate in the OLPC Project, so XO Korea is under no responsibility or obligation related to this agreement, goodwill only.

Unlike XO Korea, (the organization) is under the obligation of this agreement according to the related Korean law. If (the organization) doesn't practice its obligation defined in this agreement, it should make amends or compensation to the OLPC Foundation according to the procedure defined in this agreement.

If (the organization) needs some additional services from XO Korea, such as setting/maintaining school servers or substituting a broken XO with a new one, those services will be provided Openly and Transparently with Rational expenses. However, it's the choice of (the organization), and there is no obligation to select XO Korea as a service provider.