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OLPC Korea's mission is the same as, or somewhat narrower than, that of the OLPC Foundation; to stimulate local grassroots initiatives designed to enhance and sustain over time the effectiveness of XO laptops as learning tools for children living in Korea and lesser-developed countries, particularly North Korean and some Asian nations.


OLPC Korea is a tax-exempt social-benefit organization chartered in Korea and headquartered at Yaerae-dong, Seoguipo, Jejudo Island, Korea.

OLPC Korea is pursuing the same goal as the OLPC Foundation, but operating independently from the OLPC Foundation.


  • Park Jong-Soo, Chairman
  • Kim Hye-Young, Secretary
  • Woo Young-Soo
  • Do Young-min

OLPC Korea's Program — focus on grassroots innovations in Korea

Following the mission of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) movement, OLPC Korea is to ensure that all school-aged children in Korea are able to engage effectively with their own personal laptop, networked to the world, so that they, their families and their communities can openly learn and learn about learning.

OLPC Korea mainly focuses on developing educational content and programms (Activities) running on XO laptops. All that conent shall be developed under open source spritit. However, there are some other programs also.

First of all, OLPC Korea is to provide XO laptops to all children in North Korea with or without compensation.

Second is to develop some XO variants, Korea serving as the test field of newly developed very low-price but also high-tech machines before worldwide deployment.

Third is to manage the national Wifi and WiMax mesh network established by XO laptops in Korea.


OLPC Korea is supported by individuals, businesses and foundations. Contributions large and small are greatly appreciated and will be used to support grassroots learning innovations throughout bothe North and South Korean and the lesser-developed world. Contributions may be sent to:

OLPC Korea
Yaerae-dong, Seoguipo, Jejudo Island
OLPC Korea Volunteer Service

As a part of its mission, OLPC Korea maintains a Web-based listing of individuals and organizations who are prepared to contribute their services and/or products in support of children in XO laptop programs throughout Korea.

All activities undertaken as a result of contacts made through this OLPC Foundation Volunteer Service or OLPC Korea Volunteer Service must be done on a strictly volunteer basis and all intellectual property generated as a part of this Service will be considered in the public domain and therefore not subject to any royalty or copyright fees. Volunteers may not charge a fee for the time, effort invested, or ideas generated as a part of this service. In exceptional cases, volunteers may be reimbursed for direct out-of-pocket expenses, but only on the basis of prior written agreements with the related program(s). An executed, electronic copy the agreement must be provided in advance to the OLPC Foundation or OLPC Korea.

Go to Application for OLPC Foundation Volunteer Service or OLPC Korea Volunteer Service.

Programmers and developers interested in volunteer opportunities

(a) Online, open-source, wiki-textbooks, math and science projects, dictionaries, geographies, histories, social studies, health and nutrition courses, and translations into indigenous languages. These materials can be customized for a particular region or group of children or for more general use throughout the XO world; Go to OLPC Content wikipage or OLPC Korea Content wikipage.

(b) Software applications not otherwise available on XO that will enhance the general usefulness of XOs in every location. This could be, for example, educational games; collaborative and archiving tools; or artistic, video and graphic tools; Go to OLPC Developers Program or OLPC Korea Developers Program wikipage.

(c) Other ways to participate can be found on this wikipage.

All materials and peripherals developed with OLPC or OLPC Korea support must follow open source formats and standards and be available without fee for use by any child with an XO laptop.