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XO Korea is developing ONLY a game: XO City, & NO relation with the OLPC Foundation.

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See 한글 OLPC FAQ.

What are you doing?

  1. firstly, XO deployment in Korea.
  2. secondly, develop a game, XO City
  3. thirdly, pursue some goals described in XO Korea

Who are u guys?

We are a few Korean citizens with various backgrounds such as a publisher, a farmer, a constructor, a fisher and a few teachers. Interestingly, none of us is a computer specialist, neither hardware nor software architect.

Most of us live in South Korea, and hope the grand vision of XO to be shed on this country also.

OLPC Korea is a group of Koreans, doing various projects based on the XO—experimentally and R&D in nature.
We have NO relation with the OLPC Foundation. Please use the discussion tab for your comments.
Thanks to OLPC for their generous permission of our writing in this wiki.

What are your missions (if any)?

Well, most of us share a common thought. XO is a brilliant idea of mankind, and it's surely possible (and desirable) for Korea to adopt the idea.

However, as the IT environment and governmental plans are somewhat different from the original idea of XO, we want to be a bridge between the Korean government and the XO plan.

So, it's clear. we are now localizing XOs to South Korea, particularly harmonizing XO with the Vision2030 Long-term National-wide Innovation Plan of the Korean Government.

What is the Vision2030 plan of Korea and why is it described here?

It's a kind of FEA (Federal Enterprise Architecture), localized to South Korea. It aims to construct a national level IT resource integration with ultra high speed data communication.

Because all the long-term educational projects are a part of the Vision2030 plan, we have no choice but adjust XO models to that plan, if we want to see any one XO in Korea.

XO is an educational plan, rather than IT. Do u know that?

Of course, we exactly know. You may guess the level of our understanding via the fact that none of us is a computer engineer or a programmer. Even, there is NOT ANY KIND OF engineer at all among us.

What is XO for government employees or for business sectors? Are U kidding?

None at all.

We just think that there is no reason to exclude governmental services or business activities from learning objects of our children. Why classrooms should be separated from real worlds such as value-production processes in offices or factories?

The reason of our making XO derivatives are quite simple.

  • Because children grow physically, XO also needs to grow physically. Larger XO
  • Adult also learn. So, we need XOs for adults also. XO Smartphone
  • Offices, factories or farms also are classrooms. So, we need some derivative school servers.

What is XO Smartphone?

It's just a smaller XO. We are trying to install SUGAR on Chumby and OpenMoko (and some E28 series). Chumby and OpenMoko are based on open source collaboration but quite different ones, former a radio, latter a smartphone. We think the core of the two are all the same, best places, among our findings, for SUGAR. See XO Smartphone

We think the core of XO is SUGAR & Mesh. If we can pour SUGAR on those smartphones, then they also are XOs.

What stage are you now in? where is test models?

We are collaborating with some PC manufacturers in the Jiangsoo province, China, where Quanta Computer (the manufacturer of XO) also is.

Firstly, we ourselves would make those mock-up prototypes such as Larger XO, XO Smartphone and various derivatives of School server. However, some Chinese companies will do the work with us from now on.

We hope our test models will show no later than the end of May, 2007. But, please don't be surprised after finding that our XO Smartphone is just Chumby or NEO1973 (FIC) with SUGAR. That's all we are doing, just pouring some SUGARs.

What is Korean Mesh Network

Though South Korea already has well developed IT infra such as national-wide optical cable networks, we want to compose a new mesh network via 20,000,000+ XOs (and its derivatives) in Korea.