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XOXO : regular love and community updates

This is a place to discuss and organize a community newsletter.
See OLPC talk:Xoxo for ideas on things you can add; or see the archives. You may also find Xavi's weekly statistics useful (or interesting).

See also Weekly_zine and daily mail.

Invitation to participate

Those of you who are already forming your own groups, please feel free to write about what you are doing on the current talk page there:


We could use interested people who have time to summarize what's going on in the world of OLPC each week

-  irc chans*,
-  mailing lists*,
-  the blogosphere and media**,
-  updates from trial schools via their own blogs**
  • mainly english so far, but other languages are growing
    • in various languages


Please add your name here if you are interested in editing, translating, illustrating, or otherwise contributing to the news.


Some of the outstanding tasks include: