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II. Check lists

Activity Owner Status/Next Steps
Establish GO or NGO
Board of Directors/Advisors
Ministry of Education/Government Liaison
OLPC Liaison
Tech Lead
Pedagogical Lead
Logistics Lead
Community/Volunteer Liaison
School Census
How many children?
How many teachers?
How many administrators?
Other infrastructure?
Other issues, such as constraints on access (e.g., travel time to school from regional distribution center)
Principle languages spoken in the community
Locally available resources?
Physical security at school
Identify funding sources
Letter of credit
Product availability
Shipping method
Incoterms (e.g., CIF)
Import duties and taxes
Local distribution contract
Factory's shipping schedule (how many, how often)
Type of shipping container used (20 ft/40 ft?)
Reverse logistics process (for laptops that malfunction)
Inventory Management
Activation-key management
Regional distribution centers
Scanning process (e.g., comma-separated-values file generation)
Shipping instructions (School addresses, bar codes, etc)
Additional shipping material (boxes, masking tape, markers, highlighters, etc)
Network backbone
Network installation
Potential partners
Content filtering
Network maintenance
Transcoding of existing content
Generation of new content
Localization (OS image in local language / set to local timezone)
Determination of which activities and their order on the task bar
Guides in local language
Guides loaded to the XO
Keyboard selection/design
Power adapter selection
Spare-parts inventory
Active antennae/Access points
Auxiliary-power options
Power cords
Repair kits
USB memory sticks
Connectivity equipment (e.g., routers, modems, VSAT)
Teacher Preparation
Workshop plan
Workshop schedule
Workshop logistics
Workshop attendee list
Workshop site preparation
Workshop material preparation
Support plan
3rd party support plan (if applicable)
Localized documentation and support materials
University relations?
Grassroots relations?
Mailing lists/Wiki/IRC
Team(s) of volunteers with XO knowledge in country/region
Team(s) of volunteers that can help with translations (from/to English)
Other non-profit organizations
Other public institutions (universities, ministries, churches)
Other private institutions (universities, industry)
International organizations (World Bank, etc.)
Project Documentation
Project charter
Deployment plan (time-line for project completion)
Distribution plan (How many laptops by region, by school, by school district?)
Contact information (names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
Communication plan (conference-call schedule / bridge info., moderator, agendas)

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